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    Hey folks. I've been writing a lot recently, taking a degree in Creative Writing and everything. I hadn't done any FF of any sort for a while, and I had a blast of inspiration recently. So, of course, I felt this would be the place to share it. I could easily keep expanding it, but for now, with uni work taking the priority, I'm happy to post it as it is here. So, without further ado, the short story itself.

    Young Volcanoes

    Hey, my friend. It’s been a while since we talked, and I promised next time we did, I’d start to recount our adventures. So here we are then. Sitting here under the pale blue skies, together again. The same pale blue skies of Lavaridge that they were when we first traveled together…

    Looking back so long ago, I remember the first time I laid my eyes on you. I was thirteen, and I was hoping to start my adventures across Hoenn soon. I didn’t start by visiting Littleroot Town and obtaining a starter Pokémon. Instead, I chose to begin my journey without Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip. I stated it by hatching you, a small PokéEgg. I remember you hatching… A small, yellowy-orange bundle, dustings of green fur scattered around the hump on your back. Not only were you cute, you were warm to the touch, warm-hearted from the first time I looked into your eyes, seeing them widen in fear, before they relaxed into a soothing calm as I gently stroked behind your eyes. By no means were you a tiny little thing, but, what you were was mine. It was so long ago…

    Here I am now, all these years later, having accomplished so much with you by my side, so much I remember so well. I remember the first time we stepped outside of Lavaridge Town together, stepping out of the dusty city and its unclean air. A scary first step too, more like a leap of faith into our adventures. I remember having you on my shoulder, still a tiny bundle of fur and fear, having to lift you into my arms before running and jumping onto the ground a small distance below. Eyes closed, falling, but feeling the fresh, cleaner winds hitting my face, so cool and soothing. It brought with it a sense of hope and adventure for me, and I hoped at the time for you too. It wasn’t until, having rolled on the floor and stayed in place, nervous, that I felt you push my arms open to stand on the ground yourself. That was
    our first step. The first time you walked and I followed, stretching slowly, and taking a step on the ground. Yet, we weren’t finished, were me, my friend? We had three more of these leaps of faith before we were finally on solid ground, but we did it, didn’t we? We made those leaps and we landed on our feet the next three times, landed ready to go, despite the nerves we both knew we had.

    I know you may not remember, but I clearly remember the first time we really found a whole new place. We were walking, well,
    I was walking, with you sitting in my rucksack, my whole back warm from the heat you gave off. We were headed south, away from Lavaridge and Mt. Chimney and its ashes and gases and warmth. We were headed somewhere a little cooler, a little more coastal, our map said. We were walking down Route 111, a quiet route with a small grassy area in between a rocky hill and the edge of Mt. Chimney. We were leaving the heat of the volcano behind and heading to the coast near Mauville and Slateport, places I’d only visited on holiday. We were walking down a route with no wild Pokémon, it seemed, and no trainers either. It was quiet, but it was the perfect beginning to an adventure where I was so nervous, and you were so young, still only a hatchling in reality.

    Well, we made it to Mauville, didn’t we? We had our first battle in the tall grasses below the Cycling Road, fighting a Gulpin. I remember how scared you were, how uneasily you stood on your own four feet, staring at the slippery, slime coated creature and its poisonous ooze. I still remember you shivering in between my legs, too scared to face it. I had to sit next to you, whisper to you that it would be fine, that if you got hurt I would heal you. And you, you amazing little Numel, you squared up to it so bravely. You only knew Tackle and Growl, and you could just about spit out a trail of flames for an Ember attack, but you squared up to the Gulpin, Tackling it hard, shaking some slime out of your fur after. The battle lasted a little while, with Gulpin being so slow and shifting around, and you, my little Numel, too shy to properly attack. It was only as the Gulpin started to weaken that you perked up a little, your flames grew a little more intense, that you finished the fight with a blast of flames that successfully knocked the Gulpin out and claimed us our first victory. I picked you up so proudly, you squealing and snorting just as happily as I was laughing. I cleaned you off, gave you an Oran berry, and that was that. You’d had a couple of hits from it, but you’d been a star. You did so well, and it was the perfect way to start our journey off, with such a confident win.

    It’s not to say every battle was like that. Our first loss had me sprinting as fast as I could back to the Mauville Pokémon Center, a Wingull managing to outspeed us as we realised there was no hope here in us winning, a direct Water Gun hitting you hard. It was a tough time, running so fast, clutching you in my arms, knowing you wouldn’t forgive me if I returned you to your PokéBall even for something like this…

    But I did it to look after you. You were my young volcano.

    I can’t keep reminiscing though. After all, I’d be here all night with you if I were to, and I need to sleep as much as you. We can continue the adventure tomorrow, perhaps. For now, though, good night my friend, rest well.


    I talked to another trainer today, the first time I’ve had a genuine conversation with someone I don’t properly know for a while. I was on my way to the Department Store, I wanted a snack, and she was sitting outside at the fountain, her Spoink bouncing up and down in front of her. She was laughing happily, and I couldn’t help but head over and say hello. It was nice to see someone so happy and refreshed for once, instead of panicking over the next battle or encounter. We had a casual chat, just about her journey so far, how she's been coping with it all, and she was excited, happy. Her Spoink was her trusted partner, of course. They’d travelled a long way, by the look of it, but she looked relaxed and content still. She asked where you were, of course. I said I didn’t keep you with me as much anymore, as you were a little intimidating to have around. I mean, a camel with two magma-spewing volcanic humps isn’t the cutest of sights, even if to me you’ll always be my little, fur-tufted guy. It made her laugh, she agreed that to newer trainers, it could be scary. I told her she could meet you one time, if she liked, before making my excuses, and parting ways with her. Of course, I made sure I was home in time from the shops and my daily walk to talk to you. I wouldn’t miss the time to talk to you for the world.

    So here I am again, reminiscing on our adventures. One moment I can recall clearly is returning home for the first time, with everyone noting how much we’d grown in only a short time away, it seemed. In reality, it had been a few long weeks. We’d travelled to Mauville, headed to Rustboro by following the Rusturf Tunnel at Verdanturf… We already had Wattson’s badge to our name, his Magnemite and Electrike falling to our Magnitude and Ember attacks. We had a new teammate by then, too. Romeo, our Volbeat friend, who travelled with us now… I remember us getting to Rustboro, surprised by the size of it next to little old Lavaridge. It was immense, yet again, we beat the leader Roxanne and her powerful Nosepass and Graveler. We were making fast progress on our journey, we were already experienced, yet still unexperienced…

    I digress… By the time we returned home, us two young volcanoes, we were so much stronger, we had grown, and you had evolved into the powerful Camerupt I still see you as today. By our side as we appeared were our two closest friends. The first was Romeo, the Volbeat now far, far stronger, and his shining tail-light able to light up caves, as we witnessed in Dewford. The second of our new friends was Cipher, a Sableye we met after we stunned him with Romeo’s Flash attack. We captured him, and he always stayed to the shadows, sneaky and stealthy, but a friend, a loyal friend too. Between the four of us, we had four badges. You claimed Wattson on your own, Romeo helping us defeat Roxanne and Norman, the leader of the Petalburg Gym. It was Cipher’s Ghost-type trickery that saw us defeat Brawly and his Hariyama. For a moment, I was sure we’d lose, with you on your last legs and Romeo long-gone to a brutal Fire Punch from his Blaziken. But no, we stood firm, and Cipher managed to sneak hide in the shadows Brawly darkened his gym with, allowing us the win. And here we were, back at Lavaridge. Everyone knew why we were back, and it was the one we arrived to challenge who greeted us by the edges of Mt. Chimney. Flannery herself. She smiled at us, knowing that we were here to face her and claim her gym badge for ourselves. And I think we were ready. Although we lost bitterly, her Torkoal sweeping us aside as if we were nothing, I think we were ready to beat her in spirit, just not experienced enough yet.

    Of course, realizing this, we stayed to see friends and family for a few days, we relaxed in the springs, but then it was time to go, time to explore again, and to grow still, to gain the strength needed to return and face Flannery…
    What a success story we were…

    Once more, I sit here, feeling myself talk to you, picturing it in my head, hoping you can still remember it all just as clearly as I do, but again, the sun sets fast and I’m sitting here in the darkness again. Time to leave you again, my friend. I’ll be back as soon as I can, and when I return next, I’ll tell you more, and we can lose ourselves in the bright blue sky and soft, warm sun again as we always have done.


    It’s been a while since I was last here, but I promised you I’d return. I was caught up in some tough times. The Lavaridge Gym doesn’t run itself after all! I’d love to show you the gym as it is now, of course, but I know that isn’t possible… Everyone still remembers you though, they still fear that powerhouse who stood up to the challenge and swept most aside. The few who bested us didn’t earn a gym badge though, oh no. They earned their place in the Hall of Fame, and rightfully so. We stood in front of everyone as the Champion, and those who defeated us could have easily taken our place from us. Most, however, just wanted the honour and recognition, not wanting to be holed up in one city for a long time. We were the ultimate challenge in Hoenn, the Champions. Me, you, and our friends. Our team wasn’t the fiercest at first glance, of course. When Romeo would appear in front of someone and their Salamence, at first they’d scorn or laugh. But he had it in him to swipe the Salamences and Metagross aside sometimes, although more often than not, it would be you the titans would face and be crushed by…

    Do you still remember it? When we faced the Elite Four? We had to fight so many to get there, and we had close shaves beyond measure. We almost lost to that brute and his Machamp… If not for Romeo and his resistance, we would have had to wait another year to enter the hallowed halls of the Elite Four, having missed out on the top eight. And to think, after a short while, we entered those privileged halls and came out the other end as the new Champion of Hoenn. We struggled against Sidney, which surprised me. We easily defeated Phoebe, her team was fragile and we were iron-clad and ready. Nothing could stop the power of your Flamethrower. Next, we faced Bertha and her Walrein. Here, we should have lost. If we hadn’t managed to get lucky and get Walrein’s weak spot, that would have been curtains for us…

    And then, we moved on to Drake. His Salamence was the first Salamence we fought, but was far from the last. We beat it down slowly, its own Flamethrower even bothering you and your magma-filled volcanoes. Yet, after a lengthy battle, we conquered Drake and his dragon army. He stepped aside, revealing the long, dark hallway to the Champion’s room. We healed, we were ready; me and you, side by side, like that first leap of faith. This leap wasn’t physical, sure, but it was metaphorical, and as big as that first one. I remember looking you eye to eye, and smiling. You grunted back softly, smiling too, and we both nodded. We were ready for this. We stepped in, and in front of us was Wallace. We had bested his mentor, Juan, so we could best him, surely. It was not easy, and the battle was ruthless. We both ended up on our last Pokemon. Milotic, badly hurt, but standing strong. You, soaked in sprays of water, shivering from the cold, but still standing, determined. It went down to a final turn. A powerful Water Pulse fired at you. A huge Overheat fired back at Milotic. The two moves didn’t just clash, they literally ate away at each other, the room filling with steam until it was worse than a sauna; neither me nor Wallace could see our partners, and for a cruel moment, I thought I could sense that bitter taste of defeat. A few moments seemed to last an eternity, and the steam started to clear. When it cleared, only one stood standing. It was you, my young volcano. We were champions of Hoenn, and we stood in the Hall of Fame with our allies for all to see…

    Then, there is me now, back at Lavaridge. I gave it up after a while to settle back down, as you know. Lavaridge needed a new Gym Leader, and it was our home. How could I not? So back we came, to the gym, where we stood strong. We stood together for as long as we could.


    Hey there, my young volcano. How goes it? It feels like an eternity since we last talked, but it really hasn’t. I guess time drags on when you aren’t with your best friends, hey? Now, you know, I always sit here, sit here by your side, and talk to you, talk to you about our adventures. I mean, it’s not like you weren’t there with me, and I’m sure you remember them well, just… it makes it easier to talk about them when I think you can’t remember. It makes not having you with me each and every day less difficult, less painful. When I think on it, I just think of you as my dormant volcano. Not extinct, not gone, just sleeping, because that’s the truth, really. You’re just sleeping for a long time, and one day, maybe, you’ll wake up somewhere else fun and new…
    But on that day, you’ll be someone else’s young volcano, not mine. I sit here and hope you haven’t moved on yet, that I’m not just talking to a stone carving with some details of you on, that I’m still talking to my beloved Camerupt who I travelled the world with. Maybe you are still here listening, smiling to yourself as we recap our crazy stories together. But, it’s been a while now. I’m no longer a young boy, no longer a teenager, I’m a man with my own children, off writing their own stories now with their trusted partners.

    But, when I think back on me at their age, me wandering around lost in a vast world with you by my side, I can’t help but smile through the tears and pain, because I know they’ll be living their dreams just like I did, just like
    we did. That’s all I need, really, to know that they can live an adventure like us, or do what they wish. I just feel jealous I guess, wish I could do the same again, with you by my side once more. Again, if you still sit here by my side, which I still hope you do, maybe you’ll end up staying here until it’s my turn to leave everything behind and start anew, maybe we can travel again, have our adventures once more, us two wild ones exploring the vast world and all of its seas and mountains and forests…

    I’m pretty sure that you’ve moved on, you’re already living those dreams again with another trainer out there, but as I’ll never be able to prove or disprove that, I’m never going to stop returning to sit by the side of this gravestone, never going to stop returning to your side. I’ll keep telling you these adventures, and I’ll tell them to my children still, as I always have. Tell them to their children one day too. For now, though, I’m content to sit here and talk about the good old days when I was a brave explorer, and my trusty partner stood by my side with me. I’m content to sit here as the sun fades and talk to my old friend. I’m content to sit here next to my best friend, my trusted partner.

    My young volcano.
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