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Thread: Poké Academy: Spawn I Concept

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorgatani View Post
    One of my early ideas (never tested) for a multi-weather Doubles team involved building the whole team around Mamoswine which was immune to SandStorm and Hail damage. In Gen IV, that was a rare trait. Not so rare nowadays.

    Overspecialization leads to predictability, so is this Spawn going to be a one-trick gimmick?
    Will there be 'the usual set', perhaps Blizzard/SolarBeam/WeatherBall/Hurricane?
    I have not given much thought to moves yet. Following the Smogon CAP build thinking too far ahead is frowned upon there.

    However as with past Spawns, we have discussed everything before hand.

    Giving the idea of the ability Kurt mentioned, I think Weather Ball would be a good fit.

    Typing will be discussed in another thread.

    However with Kurt's idea I am thinking of a beefed up Castform maybe. I don't want to copy a Pokémon or make an old one obsolete.

    I would like to see it be able to do more then start weather, maybe a lead counter.

    Kurt's idea really opens a lot of possibilities. Looking over Smogon's CAP they have created 3 new abilities if memory serves me right.

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    I lost track of my thought process halfway through typing my response and the moveset was the only way to make a coherent end

    Kurt's idea has a lot of possibilities.
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