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Thread: The Mana Tombs (The Battle Records)

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    Default The Mana Tombs (The Battle Records)

    Just like every storm, every battle eventually comes to an end, leaving behind its damage, and its benefits, here at the Mana Gym we keep these memories written on the walls, in our Mana Tombs. Hidden deep beneath the Mana Cavern, away from the Pokémon made storms they are available for everyone to see, so that we can all share the highs and the lows of battles within the gym!

    Wins 6 Loses 2 Disqualifications 0

    3-0 vs Ryan493- An amazing first battle! It was so much fun and very fair, better luck next time!
    1-0 vs Sasuke715- Was not expecting to win that considering the crits, but beware the rain!
    2-0 vs Ryan493- Once again it was amazing! We were back and forth the whole time, I am sure you will get it soon!
    4-0 vs Sassuke715 A very nice team, I can see you improving so much! Better luck next time!

    0-1 vs Ryan493- Third times a charm, honestly that was an amazing battle, I am so impressed! Gratz!
    3-0 vs Ol' Jethro- A very nice battle against a well crafted team! I am sure you will get that badge soon enough!
    3-0 vs BugCatcher6- A very good battle, I got insanely lucky with paralysis, better luck next time!
    0-6 vs UnderFudge- I just got taken to school in that battle! Wow, thank you for showing me huge flaws in my team! Well earned!
    As a veteran here on the farm (despite being only 18 :P) I know how much I love looking back at the battle records from the original gyms and seeing how well or how badly I did, so enjoy! Eventually this could become something very nostalgic!
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