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    So this isn't really a chapter 1, but I'm just calling that because I can. As for the 'title' that's the goal in mind for how many chapters there will be. I figure if I should practice writing again I should make it a large goal. Sadly this took me longer than expected to write because I easily get distracted. Bleh.

    This specific piece just has language and life 'situations' or whatever you want to call it.

    Chapters 1

    "You are being childish!"
    Yesterday I was a pest, the day before a smart-, and the day before that an unwanted daughter. I suppose I changed before my mother's eyes depending on what alcohol she was consuming at the time. When she first began to drink I did sympathize with her, but after two months had passed her behavior was stuck in the cycle of grief. You see, my father served my mother with divorce papers while away on a 'one-man vacation' in Johto.
    I first saw their marriage begin to deteriorate when my parents agreed to have an 'open relationship.' Of course, when there's only one person in that agreement seeing other people I doubted it was even an open relationship. So while my father was out drinking and dining with other women my mother was endlessly filling her glass with red wine. I knew my father had an 'appetite' of sorts and that the frail body of my mother could not satisfy him, so she agreed to let him meet with other women to make him happy. I suppose she did this only because she felt this would be the best way to keep her marriage; how she loved him and was devoted to him during that time I could not understand. It was only after five months when they divorced and my mother was now drowning in sorrow, never pursuing professional help nor attempting to find a way out of her misplaced guilt.
    Now I continue to live with my mother, completing my schooling online and working as a cashier at an upper-class department store. I had never attended a public school, so I was not fortunate enough to recieve government funding for the testing for the Pokemon Trainier's License. The cost of taking the half-day session and then take the test was a grand total of three-hundred dollars, and I had to pay it in full because of not being a public school student and I did not qualify for any of the programs that helped pay for it as well.
    "Planning on running away. Sounds like something a ten year old would only do." My mother was half talking to herself at this point while pouring a shot of vodka. She was sitting in her rocking chair in nothing but a bathrobe. Her hair was wet so that atleast meant she had enough motivation to take care of her hygiene.
    "The session starts at ten and ends at three. From what I know the test only lasts about thirty minutes, so I'll be home probably just before five pm." I didn't know if she was even listening to me because her face gave the impression that she was somewhere else entirely. "Um, mom?"
    Her eyes filled with tears and it wasn't long before she was sobbing into her hands. "I don't mean to hold you back here! Please just go!"
    All I could do was stand there watching my mother fall apart, knowing her thoughts were filled with guilt as if she was the primary problem in my life. Seeing her like this, my eyes began to cloud and I could feel wetness on my own cheeks. I walked away and up the stairs to my bedroom.
    I wish she could really see herself and how things really were. If she only understood that not all the blame was hers to bear. It made me only angrier thinking about it all, so I decided to just go to bed without eating that night.
    My assumption was that if I left and became an independent, she would take all the time she needed to worry for herself. Perhaps she would start all over, forgetting our family and all of its pain. Maybe her new life would be wonderful, even without me. I know I could use a 'do-over,' I figured she was probably feeling the same. So maybe she will actually begin to 'heal' after I leave.
    Yeah, that would be for the best.
    ~ * ~
    When I awoke mom seemed to be sleeping in her room with the tv switched on to the news channel. After I shut the window's curtains to protect my mother from the morning sun I quietly left the house, carrying a blank notebook and a blueberry bagle that was smothered with cream cheese.
    Fortunately living in Lavender Town had its perks. With it being the one populated area that served as a grave site it wasn't a horribly noisy place. Sure there was around three neighborhoods, two fast-food chain joints, a farmer's market, and a few small shops that really weren't even worth mentioning. The one thing that was actually noticeable was the underground subway.
    Of course the subway was the one way people actually traveled around within each region, easily gaining access to all other cities besides their own. I mean, trainers dominated the Routes so paying a small fee ticket was better than walking the horribly long distances, forced to face the battle-hungry dickheads and the wild Pokemon. And the subway here was as dead as the town it was connected to was. The only time the platform was moderately crowded was when there was going to be a funeral service.
    I was taking the test for the Pokemon Trainer license in Saffron, and I had to take an early ride to the city because of the awful scheduling. I would arrive there at seven-thirty, it only taking around fifteen minutes to get there because there wouldn't be an stops in between. Unfortunately I would have three hours to spend before the session would actually start.
    Maybe I can do some window shopping. Wait, does window shopping actually require money? , I think it does.
    I sighed as I stood waiting on the platform. All of the trash bins were crammed with junk and most were even surrounded by people's bags of trash. Because Lavender was known as the '--town' that no one cares about, we get dumped with people's trash when their subway has to make a stop here. Well, I have to say at least the graffiti on the walls is always interesting to look at.
    Once the subway pulled to a stop I climbed in and took my seat. I would have loved to say it was surprisingly empty, but it wasn't. There was a small group of students, all wearing the same ugly- brown uniforms and carrying the same blue tote bag. I noticed none of the girls were not wearing any jewelry and they all had their hair back with pins and bands. The entire group was being deadly quiet, and once I noticed the only adult sitting in the midst of the student group I could see why.
    The man was very pale, his dark hair was cut clean and short, and I could smell some expensive aftershave from even where I was seated. His suit seemed to have been tailored especially for him because I don't think that man had ever set foot in your average clothing store before. His wrist adorned a gleaming silver Rolex which he glanced at constantly, and after he would check the time he would look over all of the students as if expecting someone to be acting out of line.
    Never before had I felt this sort of tension before. I suppose from the looks of the terrified students it was believed that choking on air was an act strictly forbidden under the care of that specific adult. However, there seemed to be one boy sitting at the edge of the group, the farthest he could probably get away with being. I watched, curious, as the boy's hand slipped into his pocket and he pulled out a package of gum.
    From the moment I saw this I knew him to be the sly one of the student body. I suppose calling him Sly Boy would fit him for the time being.
    After he pulled out his own piece of refreshment, he placed the gum in the hands of a girl who was closest to him. For the next three minutes I watched the gum being passed around until it fell into the hands of a younger boy, who seemed confused about the entire situation. He stared at the gum, it having only one piece left, apparently unsure what to do with it.
    I assumed he was the most dimwitted of the student body. Dim Boy fitted him, mainly because referring him to as Dimwitted Boy was far too long.
    I figured this would be the part that the dimwitted boy would get caught and be blamed for Sly Boy's effort to pass around spearmint refreshments. However, something occurred that I did not see coming.
    An older looking boy, who was wearing glasses, quickly took the pack and shoved it into his own pocket. He gave Dim Boy a small smile, as if he had fulfilled his duty of protecting him from a terrible fate. There must be some sort of relationship between Dim Boy and...Glasses Boy.
    The subway soon came to a halt at Saffron City's platform. The students, the adult, and myself all fought our way through the crowds that were attempting to climb aboard the subway. Once I made my way to the surface I figured after I found out where exactly the Saffron City Licensing Department was I would then go sight-seeing.
    From some odd reason I ended up just following the group of students because I figured they were heading to the same place I was. At times I would get strange looks from a few students as I wasn't even pretending not to be following them. I just smile and waved, trying to not look like a predator because my own age of sixteen only matched a few of the students while the majority seemed to be between twelve and fourteen.
    When I saw the licensing department building a few blocks away I gradually fell behind the group and headed across the street. Checking my wristwatch I had about two hours and thirty minutes left to spend before I should actually go and get signed up. I saw a few stores that looked interesting even though I literally had no extra spending cash with me, but it was better than sitting in the same tense atmosphere that was on the subway.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

    So I honestly don't have plans for my three other characters. Well, even more honestly I'm really just coming up with this entire thing on the spot. Anyways, this was more of a prologue so it kind of sucks. The reason for it not having many details was because I really just wrote it as a sort of introduction. Anyways, please tell me what you think, for those who did read it.
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