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Thread: Snow day questing

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    Cool Snow day questing

    So I had no school because of snow today. I figured I would beat the E4 today on my Black 2. Beat the Champion and I had to run from Aspertia City to Floccesy Town. On route 19 I ran into a Patrat. Level 2 compared to my level 70 Sperperior. I decided to catch the little guy, only for one reason.

    My newest caught by me

    Only my 2nd ever caught shiny. My first being my Spearow back in Diamond.

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    Can anyone tell I am helping him write his post? I think my sentences and vocabulary sound like a 9 year old wrote it anyway.

    Congrats on another shiny. We never mastered chain hunting shinies, but we appreciate the ones we do fine.

    However by my count, I have my Fearow and Karrablast as my random encounters and Dratini and Swablu as my hatched shiny Pokés.

    If I ever get around to finishing up my National Dex for my Shiny Charm maybe that will change.

    I still think it is awesome my first random encounter was Fearow, fully evolved and Caden's first was Spearow, 1st stage. Feels symbolic to me.

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    Nice find! Shiny patrats at least look better than their original colors.
    That reminds me, I need to get back into shiny hunting myself.

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