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    Default The Phoenix Will Rise

    Hey guys, this is my latest project - I've done some major editing, so there are parts where I'm debating change still. But its worth posting up here, to share among friends.

    I'll still put a warning up anyway - there IS swearing in this fic, but I've tried to narrow it as much as possible, compared to earlier drafts!


    Chapter One -

    My heart starts pumping again. I feel a surge of warmth around my body, and I stir. I am alive, but currently, no more than conscious. Memories start to form in my mind, I remember my name... Tyler. Just Tyler, but... it's a start... My age... I'm sure I'm seventeen. And my gender, male. The things which seem to be important are there, but there is a gaping hole for most of the other areas of my memory.

    Now I am conscious, and stirring, feelings are returning to me as the nerves sending signals through the synapses and my blood start to take effect. The oxygen rushing through my respiratory system makes my body rush into action, and as I start to get conscious thought and proper feelings returns to me, BAM! My eyes flash open.

    Sense number one achieved. Sight.

    Staring straight above me is all I can do right now. I'm looking up at a very overcast sky. Dark clouds, miserable and dull. Greyer than an elephant's hide.

    A voice in the back of my mind chips into my conscious thought.

    Surely that should be Donphan?

    Donphan? I recognize the name from somewhere. A Pokémon... from the games series I play. And I heard the voice as such, not just as a thought...

    I guess that could be sense number two. Hearing.

    Alert, I try and move, needing to know where I am, my surroundings, and who or what will be around me. The panicking movements and the attempt to sit triggers the next sense. A sharp pain up my back cause me to fall backwards. As I fall back, closing my eyes from the pain, something lashes out at me from behind, causes a surge of pain covering most of my side. The pain rips through my body, leaving me almost paralyzed.

    Sense number three. Touch.

    Whatever struck me hurt. To make it worse, I don't have a clue as to where I am. I can just about move my feet and hands, but what use is that? I'm lying on the floor,or ground, or whatever. It's cold, damp, ...sticky? Why sticky!? As for where the h*ll I am, this weird surface beneath me isn't helping. Heck, I could be inside a whale's stomach for all I know.

    But that voice in the back of my head tells me 'whale' is the wrong word.

    It should be Wailmer, or Wailord.

    Once again, it's referring to a Pokémon. Why it is, I don't know, but it's starting to really p*ss me off. I've got enough problems as it is, lying on this damp, cold and sticky ground in God-knows-where.

    Arceus-knows-where, the voice states. If only I could kill a voice...

    It would be six-foot-under by now, I swear.

    There's even more proof that whatever I'm lying in is something nasty. An indescribably horrible smell is filling my nostrils. Whatever it is, it's putrid, foul, gross, manky, anything used to describe something that smells worse than what's in the toilet. Surely if this was in a civilized area, it wouldn't smell that bad... So maybe it's me. I hope not. Urgh!

    Put it this way, if that's me, I need a bath. Pronto.

    Sense number four. Smell.

    As I ponder over the smell, what hit me, where the H*ll I am and what's going on, I notice an odd taste in my mouth. I don't know why it's taken so long to notice it, but it's blood. I've obviously cut my mouth somehow... Hm. It doesn't taste like blood though, from where I've sucked on a bloody finger or a paper cut... Weird.

    Taste number five. That's all of them ticked off my list.

    However, I have noticed a change. Not necessarily within myself, but there's almost like I have a sixth sense, and I'm aware of my surroundings .My actual, real senses have improved, especially my sight,hearing and smell. I can see everything in a much sharper, crisper detail than before. And that's just an overcast sky. My hearing has improved so much, I can hear my own heartbeat. Touch has changed, I pick up a better, clearer feel of everything. It all feels rather soft, and almost... furry. Taste may have changed too, but all I've tasted is a hint of my own blood.

    I can't hear anyone speaking, but I can hear some chirping and hissing around me. Obviously I'm in a rural area. Maybe there'll be a village nearby, with some villagers around so when I get up I can find out where I am. I need to move, sit up, even just move one of my hands. And it doesn't help that there is something weighing me down. A set of metal bars or branches or something on my back, not heavy, just...stuck to the floor, I guess, and I'm in that same patch of sticky stuff.

    I need to stand up, or sit up, but it's hard. After a struggle, forcing all of my energy into a tight push, my eyes closed and groaning from the struggle, I feel the sticky grip of the floor release me, and I'm flung into a sitting up position. Time to open my eyes and see what that sticky stuff all over me is. I see all of the sticky stuff, which is nice, thick, gooey mud. Charming. I can't see anything through the mud, minus a weird red patch on my chest. Another cut maybe? No blood, maybe it's healing...

    I notice the foul smell from earlier again, even clearer now I'm upright. It really is me, so I decide I'd better find somewhere to bathe. Despite being covered in the thick mud, I force myself, with extreme effort, to stand upright. I still feel like my back is weighing me down. Maybe I've just got a couple of branches wedged in the mud with me.

    'Or maybe you have wings,' the annoying and almost instinctive voice in my mind states to me. I want to ignore it, due to the fact that wings are parts of insects and birds, and I am pretty darn sure I am human. But since I've been awake, it's been there, and it's suggested that elephants, whales and God should be Donphan, Wailmer and Arceus. This is really confusing me, and the voice is admittedly scaring me. Stupid smart-assed voice wedged in my brain.

    Okay, calm down Tyler, no need to panic.

    As I wobble on my feet, I notice how they feel... different. It's like my feet have changed proportion, and the feel of my toes, even through mud, is unusual. Probably hurt, it's urgent that I find somewhere to bathe now, as I might have taken serious damage. Scanning my surroundings, all I see is mud, dirt and grass everywhere. A thick wasteland of dirt, mud and clumps of dirty, dry, dying grass.Excluding a small forest nearby, I don't frickin' see anything. It's overcast, probably close to raining, and it looks dark, despite the fact I can faintly see the sun (or another star, the voice echoes) high in the sky. It must be a few hours until dusk, so I can make the most out of the weather. In fact, I think maybe sitting back down would be a good idea. But, then again, that thing that walloped me may come back, so I want to be able to kick the sh*t out of the arrogant git. If they're going to hit me when I'm down, I'll hit them back twice as hard.

    Now, not to seem weird here, but I'm shy. Frankly, if it wasn't for the fact I was hit, and I'm raging, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even approach anyone. If I find anyone. I'm timid as heck. I can faintly remember a memory of this girl I liked asking me out, and I said no because I was too scared to say yes. But it feels like it wasn't me... like it was another person. I have another similar blurry memory appearing too. I think I went to the Pokémon VGC finals and I met the game-makers,. I'm pretty sure I'd always wanted to meet them,and yet, I was too shy to ask for an autograph, or ask any questions. I'm sure that I won't even say hi to my parents some days. But... I can barely remember this all. It's like a blur, like it was someone else's life. I can recall my parents, moments of triumph and failure,and... this small and short memory before I was here. Being dragged... but that's all I remember. Stupid, really...

    I've got to do something instead of stand on a muddy plain for a while, so I trudge off towards the forest slowly, drenched in thick mud. The mud seems to be glued to me, like when your pet runs through the mud,and it clings onto their fur for days, and washing it for hours doesn't seem to help.

    The closer I get, the harder it seems to walk. After around twenty minutes, I'm guessing that the mud is drying and hardening around my limbs, as every step takes about ten seconds of effort. Just what I need. As exhaustion starts affecting me, all I can do, in my eyes, at least, is vent out some anger. Looking up at the overcast sky, I scream and curse with all of my power. As I shout, at the top of my lugs, a flock of birds chatter angrily, and swoop down towards me, pecking me. I can feel the sharp tips of their beaks jabbing into me, prodding me, cutting me. I shout out in pain.

    Wrong thing to do.

    They're even more riled now. I catch a glimpse of a golden beak before getting hit in the cheek, and I feel it cut. I've obviously angered them, but they've gone and downright screwed me over. I'm angry, and through the pain, I lash out again and again, swinging my arms randomly, keeping my eyes firmly shut. I don't want an eye ripped out. I feel less beaks jabbing me, and hear the cries of the birds as they fly away. But there is one still there. I hear it's wings beat as it approaches me. Taking my chance, I duck, then turn and lash out, striking it. I hear it cry out from pain, before a dull thud indicates it's hit the floor. Opening my eyes, I see that it is indeed on the floor unconscious, and as I stare at the poor thing, I gasp. It wasn't that the bird was out cold on the floor from my doing that made me gasp. It was the bird itself.

    It's golden beak I'd noticed earlier was long and hooked. It's blue-black face was covered by what looked like a hat, due to a long and thin rim, with three spiky tufts giving it that look. It's small and scrawny body was at a weird angle where it has hit the floor hard,with it's wings spread. And it had a red band around a bushy and spiky tail.

    It was a Murkrow.

    A Pokémon! From those video games I played! This was so awesome,but... seriously weird. Hm, maybe I could catch it, like you did on the games... I reach out to it, stroking it, before trying to hold it in my arms, but I still feel pretty stiff, although a little less stiff than before. I attempt to capture it, throwing a rock on the ground at it. No success. In fact, that may well wake it, and the last thing I need is more cuts and bruises from ignorant Murkrow... Murkrow. A bird from a game I can remember playing. And it feels real. I can touch it and prod it, even punch it... What the actual f***? Having a real Murkrow lie on the floor next to me, after I punch it... That seriously couldn't be right. It had to be some sick kind of joke.

    It had to be...

    What states it has to be?

    Someone was setting me up, trying to confuse and manipulate me. This voice, it was as if someone had rigged a bugging device in my brain,torturing me through the use of something as simple as a computer game... This was wrong to a whole new degree. I growled deeply, and turned around, staring out at the plain sprawled out in front at me.

    “Okay,you ignorant, stupid bastards! Why is there a Murkrow on the floor? What did you bastards do to that poor bird there? You've sickeningly twisted it! You sick asses!” I kick at the ground angrily, and curse to myself. What a day I'm having. I lash out at the ground with my foot again, draining myself even more so, as the mud takes hold. It's then that I feel a drop of water hit my face, then another on my shoulder. It wasn't long before it became a downpour. Rain. I'll be out of this mud soon. I grin, realising that I'll be free soon, but I'm still unsure of what's happening.

    Hey, at least I'll smell better after a shower!

    I'm angry at this. This poor bird. What about all of the others like it? I couldn't just leave it... I bent down, and picked the bird up, examining it again. It really did look like a Murkrow and there was nothing fake about it. Just... why did someone do this to it? It was a question I couldn't answer for sure....

    As the rain beats, down, I keep trudging over to the forest, the barren waste I'm on feeling like it will never end as I struggle against the mud. I can feel it weakening, loosening, but it still covers me, and I feel no refreshing feeling from the rain. I still feel a haze over my memory, like nothing else is there any more...

    “My name is Tyler... I'm seventeen... I'm a human. I'm stuck with a genetically altered bird, but I can find my way home...”

    A single thought never meant so much to me, especially one that I myself created. I had to stay strong and find someone, find my way home. At least...

    Are you SURE that's who you are?

    My voice questions me, but I shrug it off. This is too much for me right now. I sigh, and march on. So close to the forest... I pull myself further, examining what lies around me again. A large plain of mud and dirt, seems to go on for a long way, barren minus a few trees. Near me, a forest. I can't see any of it, bar the trees across the horizon and approaching me from it. Seems quite large. Other than that... Nothing. No sign of civilization...

    “Where the h*ll am I..?” I wonder, as I finally reach the forest. No signs to say what it is, nothing. Just a huge tower of trees in front of me. Their thick, rough trunks loom over me, their jagged branches jutting out all around me, high above me. From them, the twigs and leaves shoot into each other, a thick labyrinth of flora ready to tear me to shreds for making a slight mistake. It all seems so surreal... All I can see? Darkness that seems to last an eternity, odd patches of light breaking the dense canopy of unforgiving branches and their thick leaf armour. I sigh, but walk into the edge of the forest. I sit down under the cover of the trees, and close my eyes. The mud is still thick in my skin – fur –and I start to feel myself tiring, the voice starting to make it'sown comments again, although most just pass over my tiring conscience. I close my eyes, and after what seems like an eternity of trying to sleep, there is, finally, nothing once more.

    Hey, kid! Kid!” A hand reached out from beside the boy walking through the subway station. The whistling of trains rushing through the subway still echoed through the underground tunnels, and it was getting late.

    “Whaddaya want, you old clown? I need to get home, I'm already late...”

    Tyler glared at the man,pulling himself out of reach, hand still out. Tyler stopped, and glared with a vicious look. “Whaddaya want?” The old man stared back at the teenager. The dark red eyes, the unusually pale skin, the frown on his face, the anger he hid away.

    The old man knew, and he grinned. He knew this boy already.

    The man's pinkish skin was wrinkly, dirty, cracking. He really did look like a clown, his head bald, minus two tufts of blue hair sticking out weirdly, starting to grey.

    His cheeks were a dull red, and he was very thin. The oddest thing was his costume. It looked like it was attached to him. No seams at all. The white suit, its large reddish spheres , the white gloves and blue elf-styled shoes... Tyler stared hard at the old man, and sighed. He still hadn't answered. Tyler started to walk away. As he stepped forward, and started leaving, the old man laughed a little, and stood up, staring at Tyler.

    “The Phoenix Will Rise, Tyler.” Tyler blanched. He turned, angry, wanting to know how the old man knew his name. Yet in mere seconds the old man had vanished. Gone, as if by magic. As he ran away, shivering, scared, he heard the same voice whisper into his ear.

    The same haunting voice.

    “The Phoenix Will Rise.”

    And that wraps it up... I hope you enjoyed the opening, as like I've said, I'm rather unsure of it. And feedback or anything is always greatly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone ^_^
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    That was pretty much awesome. I love the idea and I'm excited to see where you take it. Great job!

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    Great work! Nice to see you got this up now.
    The detail is really strong, and keeps the story interesting. Hopefully we'll get to see the next chapter soon.

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    Could have sworn I replied to this.

    Seems pretty cool.
    It's a bit like Mystery Dungeon, but not restricted to an E rated script. I can't wait to see what you do with it.
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