Hello users of Pokefarm! I have not been here for years which is also probably why my profile is extremely out-dated.

Well, I wasn't sure if this was allowed or if this was the right place, but I would like to advertise my newest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay Wiki: http://pmdsecretgardens.wikia.com/wi...t_Gardens_Wiki

The website is new and already has a whole lot of members! The main idea of the site is to create a free, fun, organized and active Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay.

There has been a custom made quiz for the website, take it to find out your Pokemon!
And already there are users who are looking to find a team, and plenty of people willing to help you out for those of you not used to wiki based Roleplay.

Ask any other question you may have there, if you join we would be glad to have you!

And also, please excuse my random re-entrance here,I'm not sure if website advertising is allowed, and if its even supposed to be in this forum, so if I have done something wrong please say so.

Please join, the new website is growing quickly and we would love to have you! And even if you don't join, please help us advertise.

Thank you for reading! ~