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Thread: The Munchkin Gym.

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    Exclamation The Munchkin Gym.

    Gym Records
    Total Battles:3
    Total Wins:3
    Total Losses:0
    Total Draws:0

    Gym Victories:


    Gym Draws:

    Gym Losses:
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    They may be small, but they still pack a punch!

    Currently: OPEN

    The Munchkin Gym is part of eight unofficial gyms, new to Pokéfarm. The purpose of these gyms is to introduce members of Pokéfarm to the competitive battling scene, introducing new strategies and move-sets, teaching new members the rules and format of battling, and above all inspiring farmers to breed the best Pokémon possible. Hopefully through these battles members will learn the ins-and-outs of breeding and training a team with a competitive mind. The Munchkin Gym is a sub-gym and is not required to challenge the Pokémon League.

    *Please read the entire thread before requesting a battle thank-you.*

    The Munchkin Gym is a Baby Pokémon gym.
    The Leader's Team will be composed of six Baby Pokémon of any type. These Pokémon are unevolved and are at level one.

    The Challenger's team may contain any six OU and down, non-legendary Pokémon that they wish. Hacked, Cloned, Evolved or Over-levelled Pokémon will not be tolerated.
    All Gym battles will be Gen.V OU 6-v-6 Rotation battle at level 1. (The level Pokémon Hatch.)

    Voice Chat will be turned off for all Battles.
    Wonder Launcher will be turned off for all Battles.

    The following Clauses will be in effect.

    Sleep Clause:
    Only one Pokémon on your opponent's team may be forced to sleep at one time. Rest does not apply. The effect of "affect spore" does not apply if another Pokémon is already sleeping, However if "affect spore" puts a Pokémon to sleep and it it the only sleeping Pokémon on your opponent's team you are still prohibited from putting another Pokémon to sleep.

    Evasion Clause:
    Evasion increasing moves such as double team, minimize, etc. are not permitted.

    Items and Species Clause:
    For this Gym there will be no held items.
    Only one of each Pokémon can be on one team, different evolutions are allowed however. (i.e. You may have a Nidoran M and a Nidoran F, but you may not have 2 Nidoran Ms.)

    Self-KO Clause: Self KOing moves such as explosion, self-destruct, destiny bond, etc. May not be used if the Pokémon using the move is the last remaining Pokémon on your team.

    Fixed Damage Clause:
    Moves like Night Shade, Dragon Rage and Sonic boom are banned as they would kill a baby Pokémon as they have 10-12 hp.

    Special Rules:
    If convicted of hacking or breaking any of these clauses you will automatically lose the match. Further consequences may follow.
    In the event of a loss by the challenger, the challenger must wait one week before re-challenging the gym.
    In the event of a Disconnect the match defaults to the Leader. A re-match may be attempted at the Leader's discretion, otherwise the challenger must wait one week before re-challenging.

    If you successfully defeat the Leader your victory will be recorded and the coding for your badge will be sent to you.
    Upon Defeating the Leader you will receive the Egg Badge.

    Rules for Challenging:

    Challenges will be submitted in the form of a private message to the leader.
    The message must contain:
    Intent to challenge.
    Friend Code.
    Times during the week you are available for battle.

    Once a battle has been set make sure you are in the Wi-Fi room at the time agreed upon. The Leader will be in Wi-Fi from the agreed time up to an hour after the agreed upon time, after which point failure to show up without prior notice will result in a forfeit, and the challenger must wait one week.

    After Battles have taken place you may discuss them in this thread. While discussing please refrain from revealing any detailed information about the Leader's team. The Leader will extend the same courtesy to the challenger. We suggest using nicknames to disguise your Pokémon’s identities in order to aid in discussion. If you are found guilty of disclosing information about the Leader's team actions will be taken against the offending individual which may include: being banned from challenging, removal of badges won, etc.

    Do Not Under any Circumstances Post Videos of Gym Battles Without Express Permission of The Gym Leader. Gym Leaders will extend the same courtesy.

    Leader Info:
    Current Leader: UnderFuge (Under).
    Friend code: 471-0571-5626.
    Times available: Weekends only.
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    Basic Rules:

    1. All Pokémon must be hatched by the trainer - Because this gym is designed to test your breeding as well as battling skills we require that all Pokémon used on your team match your trainer name and number.

    2. All Pokémon must be level 1 - Pokémon hatched in Black and White hatch at level 1.

    3. No items - No items makes battling with level ones more of a challenge.

    4. Rotation battle - All battles are in triple battle format for better strategies.

    5. Six Pokémon per team - Having the luck of Critical Hits is devastating when fighting level 1s. Having 6vs6 allows us to enjoy a full battle.

    6. No set damage moves - Most Pokémon will have between 10 and 12 hit points. Allowing moves like SonicBoom and Dragon Rage in this format would not be very much fun. Because of this all set damage moves are illegal for this gym.

    Banned Pokémon:
    • Lickitung.
    • Tangela.
    • Scyther.
    • Porygon.
    • Aipom.
    • Misdreavus.
    • Murkrow.
    • Sneasel.
    • Yanma.
    • Onix.
    • Nosepass.
    • Meditite.
    • Scraggy

    Allowed First Generation Pokémon:
    o Bulbasaur
    o Charmander
    o Squirtle
    o Caterpie
    o Weedle
    o Pidgey
    o Ratatta
    o Spearow
    o Ekans
    o Sandshrew
    o Nidoran M
    o Nidoran F
    o Vulpix
    o Zubat
    o Oddish
    o Paras
    o Venonat
    o Diglett
    o Meowth
    o Psyduck
    o Mankey
    o Growlithe
    o Poliwag
    o Abra
    o Machop
    o Bellsprout
    o Tentacool
    o Geodude
    o Ponyta
    o Slowpoke
    o Magnemite
    o Doduo
    o Seel
    o Grimer
    o Shellder
    o Gastly
    o Drowzee
    o Krabby
    o Voltorb
    o Exeggcute
    o Cubone
    o Koffing
    o Rhyhorn
    o Horsea
    o Goldeen
    o Staryu
    o Magikarp
    o Eevee
    o Omanyte
    o Kabuto
    o Dratini

    Allowed Second
    Generation Pokémon:

    o Chikorita
    o Cyndaquil
    o Totodile
    o Sentret
    o Hoothoot
    o Ledyba
    o Spinarak
    o Chinchou
    o Pichu
    o Cleffa
    o Igglybuff
    o Togepi
    o Natu
    o Mareep
    o Hoppip
    o Sunkern
    o Wooper
    o Pineco
    o Snubbull
    o Teddiursa
    o Slugma
    o Swinub
    o Remoraid
    o Houndour
    o Phanpy
    o Tyrogue
    o Smoochum
    o Elekid
    o Magby
    o Larvitar

    Allowed Third Generation Pokémon:
    o Treecko
    o Torchic
    o Mudkip
    o Poochyena
    o Zigzagoon
    o Wurmple
    o Lotad
    o Seedot
    o Taillow
    o Wingull
    o Ralts
    o Surskit
    o Shroomish
    o Slakoth
    o Nincada
    o Whismur
    o Makuhita
    o Azurill
    o Skitty
    o Aron
    o Electrike
    o Gulpin
    o Carvanha
    o Wailmer
    o Numel
    o Spoink
    o Trapinch
    o Cacnea
    o Swablu
    o Barboach
    o Corphish
    o Baltoy
    o Lileep
    o Anorith
    o Feebas
    o Shuppet
    o Duskull
    o Wynaut
    o Snorunt
    o Spheal
    o Clamperl
    o Bagon
    o Beldum

    Allowed Fourth Generation Pokémon:
    o Turtwig
    o Chimchar
    o Piplup
    o Starly
    o Bidoof
    o Kricketot
    o Shinx
    o Budew
    o Cranidos
    o Shieldon
    o Burmy
    o Combee
    o Buizel
    o Cherubi
    o Shellos
    o Drifloon
    o Buneary
    o Glameow
    o Chingling
    o Stunky
    o Bronzor
    o Bonsly
    o Mime Jr.
    o Happiny
    o Gible
    o Munchlax
    o Riolu
    o Hippopotas
    o Skorupi
    o Croagunk
    o Finneon
    o Mantyke
    o Snover

    Allowed Fifth
    Generation Pokémon:
    o Snivy
    o Tepig
    o Oshawott
    o Patrat
    o Purrloin
    o Pansage
    o Pansear
    o Panpour
    o Munna
    o Pidove
    o Blitzle
    o Roggenrola
    o Woobat
    o Drilbur
    o Timburr
    o Tympole
    o Sewaddle
    o Venipede
    o Cottonee
    o Petilil
    o Darumaka
    o Yamask
    o Tirtouga
    o Archen
    o Trubbish
    o Zorua
    o Minccino
    o Gothita
    o Solosis
    o Ducklett
    o Vanillite
    o Deerling
    o Karrablast
    o Foongus
    o Frillish
    o Joltik
    o Ferroseed
    o Tynamo
    o Elgyem
    o Litwick
    o Axew
    o Cubchoo
    o Shelmet
    o Mienfoo
    o Golett
    o Pawniard
    o Rufflet
    o Vullaby
    o Deino
    o Larvesta
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