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Thread: White Nuzlocke Challenge

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    Understood bb, just lettin' ya know you've definitely caught some interest out here in the Farm!
    Look! I've got FANFICS:
    To Conquer Worlds: A Platinum Nuzlocke Challenge
    Umbral Lines - A Story of Unova

    Also, take a look at: Those Who Know How Not To Be Seen: A group for lovers of Pokémon and Monty Python!

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    Sorry for the long wait. I've been having a frustrating case of writer's block. I hope you like this new chapter!

    Chapter 6: The Rules Are Changing

    “Go, Purrloin!”
    A pokémon came out of the pokeball. It had purple fur, claws, and other feline characteristics. It also had a very mischievous look on its face. It looked like it had been well trained.
    I looked at Ratter. “Will this one do?” I asked. Ratter nodded. “Then you’re up,” I told him. It was time to see who would win the deal.
    “Ratter,” I shouted, “start off with a Leer attack.” Ratter gave the Purrloin an evil eye that made it recoil in fear.
    “It’s alright, Purrloin,” N said. “Use Scratch!” The Purrloin pounced on Ratter and scratched his face before leaping off.
    Ratter got up. The expression on his face scared even me. “Oh, it is on now,” he growled.
    “Ratter, use Tackle,” I ordered. Ratter charged at the Purrloin and sent it flying into a tree. For a moment I thought it was out, but it shook its head and walked towards Ratter.
    “Purrloin, use Scratch again!” The Purrloin began running at Ratter. I began to sweat nervously. I was pretty certain that Ratter couldn’t take another hit. But how could he dodge this attack? Suddenly, an idea came to me.
    “Ratter, jump!” I shouted. He leaped into the air, leaving the Purrloin underneath him, confused and unable to attack its target. “Now use Tackle!” Ratter took advantage of gravity and slammed the Purrloin into the ground. It didn’t get up.
    “Ratter, you won!” I cheered.
    “I said you could do it,” Torch said.
    Ratter stood there for a moment, and then he grinned. It wasn’t a fake grin this time, but a real, excited grin. “That was awesome!” Ratter shouted. “Oh man, I was missing so much fun. There is no way I’m leaving this team, Chris. Not if I can keep doing this.”
    “Your pokémon,” N said, “is very interesting. A pokémon that has chosen willingly to stay with its trainer. How unusual.”
    I laughed. “There’s nothing strange about it. Come on, you two. We need to celebrate Ratter’s victory.”
    N walked one way. Cheren, I, and the pokémon went the other.
    “Chris,” Cheren began, “why are you so happy about your Patrat winning a pokémon battle? It’s just one fight.”
    “Yeah,” I said, “but that was Ratter’s first fight. He’s never battled before.”
    “Really?” Cheren said. “It looks like it’s been fighting for years. Then again, it never could have come up with that jumping maneuver. It looks way to stupid for that.”
    Ratter used his Charm attack. It was super effective.
    “Aw,” Cheren said. “Even if it is stupid, it’s definitely a friendly pokémon.”
    “Yeah,” I said, “friendly…Let’s find Bianca and celebrate.”
    We eventually found Bianca at the Pokémart. When she saw us, Bianca quickly paid for her items and walked to us.
    “Oh my Arceus, guys, you would not believe the great deals this place has! Look at all the stuff I bought.” She opened her bag. Cheren and I looked inside and marveled at the number of potions and pokéballs there were. I noticed that half the bag was filled with small pink bows. I decided not to mention that.
    Cheren didn’t come to the same decision. “Bianca, why do you have so many bows?” he asked.
    She giggled. “Why,” she said, “to give to my pokémon of course! I’m sure they’ll absolutely adore them.”
    “Wait,” Cheren said, “I thought all your pokémon were male.”
    “Yeah,” Bianca answered.
    Cheren was about to point out the obvious problem only Bianca was oblivious too when I cut in. “Hey Bianca, I just won my first battle with Ratter. Cheren and I were looking for a place to celebrate. Do you want to come with us?”
    “Sure,” Bianca said, “but when can I battle that pokémon of yours? I’ve been waiting to fight it all day.”
    “Let’s have that battle tomorrow,” I offered. “I want to train Torch and Ratter a bit more. They could do with a bit more battle experience.”
    “Hey!” Ratter complained.
    “Calm down,” Torch said. “We could both gain some more experience. I’ve only been in two battles, and you’ve been in one.”
    “I’m totally fine with a battle tomorrow,” Bianca said. “I heard there was this cool party place a few blocks from here. Let’s go.”
    We headed to the place Bianca had mentioned. It was amazing. Around midnight, we headed back to the Pokémon Center and called it a night. I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow.
    The next thing I knew, I was floating in space, surrounded by the cosmos.
    “Oh Arceus,” I groaned. “Not again.”
    “Yes, Chris, again,” a familiar voice said. I turned around to see that weird old man grinning at me. If I wasn’t so frustrated with having this dream, I would have been disturbed.
    “These dreams are a pain,” I said. “Is this when you tell me who you are? Or better yet, where you tell me that the curse is gone?”
    “No,” he said. “It is not time for you to learn who I am. I also explained before that Arceus has no intention of removing the Curse of Nuzlocke. You will occasionally have me come by and give you more information. Tonight, I will further explain the curse.”
    “I thought you told me everything,” I said.
    “I did,” he said, “if you meant the most basic rules of the Curse of Nuzlocke. There are many varieties of the curse. Some have additional rules or variations of the original two.”
    “So what is this rule?” I asked.
    He answered, “The pokémon you catch in new places cannot be of the same evolutional line of any pokémon you’ve ever owned.”
    “Wait, so I can’t catch any Tepig, Pignite, Emboar, Patrat, or Watchog?”
    “Yes,” he confirmed, “assuming you ever find those pokémon in the wild.”
    A sudden, hopeful thought hit me. “Does that mean I can catch the next one that isn’t of the same evolutional line?”
    “Are you serious?”
    “Wonderful. This curse just gets better and better.”
    “You’ll have to deal with it, Chris,” he said. “Now then, you should probably wake up about now.”
    “At least tell me why you know my name!” I shouted. I felt the dream slipping away.
    His answer seemed distant. “You’ll know soon enough.”
    I woke up. Torch and Ratter were standing over me, looking on with concern.
    “Are you okay, Chris?” Torch asked.
    “Yeah, I’m fine,” I assured him.
    “Are you sure?” Ratter asked. “You were muttering things in your sleep. It kept me up all night, moron.”
    “I’m fine, guys,” I insisted. I didn’t plan to tell them about my curse yet. Hopefully, I never would have to. “Let’s train.”
    After getting dressed and having breakfast, we set out to Route 2. Upon arriving, I began to desperately hope that I wouldn’t run into another Patrat. “Please, Arceus,” I thought, “give me a break.”
    The first pokémon we came across was another Patrat. I cursed Arceus and his cruel sense of humor. Then I had Torch beat up the creature.
    The next pokémon that I spotted was a Purrloin. I cursed Arceus again and had Ratter beat attack it. After the easy KO, Ratter walked up to me with a look of confusion on his face.
    He asked, “Chris, why didn’t you catch that Purrloin? Don’t you know how rare they are?”
    Torch piped in, “Yeah. On Route 1 you mentioned how you wanted one. Why didn’t you even try to catch that one?”
    “Um,” I said, “because…if I did catch it Ratter wouldn’t have gained any experience.” It was a lame excuse, but they bought it. At least, they didn’t ask any more questions.
    After that, I didn’t give them any chances to bother me about it. I had them attack any pokémon we came across. The more they battled, the stronger they became. They began learning more attacks. After a bit, I didn’t bother giving them any orders while they attacked. I instead began creating battle strategies to use on Bianca in our upcoming battle.
    Finally, when I felt that Torch and Ratter had trained sufficiently, I returned them to their pokéballs and began looking for Bianca. Hoping to find her at the Pokémart, I started my search there. I was surprised to find she wasn’t there, and so I decided to check at the Pokémon Center. Before I left, I noticed Cheren at the counter. I walked over to him.
    “Cheren, since when do you shop?” I asked. He turned around and smiled.
    “Normally, I don’t,” Cheren explained. “But since I’m a trainer now, I need to be prepared for anything that comes my way. I’m buying some supplies, just in case. You might want to do that too.”
    “You’re right,” I said, “as usual.”
    “Well, I’ll be heading to Striaton City now,” Cheren said. “That’s where the gym is. See you.” He left the shop. I bought some potions and pokéballs before heading to the Pokémon Center. This time I found Bianca pacing out back on the pokémon battle field. She seemed pumped up for a battle. When she saw me, her face brightened up.
    “Hey, Chris!” Bianca shouted. “Are you ready to battle?”
    I grinned. “Of course!” I shouted back. “Let’s begin.”
    “Go, Lillipup!”
    “Go, Ratter!”
    Our pokémon leapt out of their pokéballs. Bianca’s Lillipup was still wearing its bow, but despite its embarrassment it seemed ready to battle. Ratter looked ready for a good battle as well.
    “Lillipup, use Tackle!”
    “Ratter, use Bide!”
    Bianca’s Lillipup charged towards Ratter. Just before it hit, Ratter began to glow. Lillipup slammed into Ratter. He winced, but he held his ground.
    “Lillipup, use tackle again!”
    The Lillipup charged at Ratter again and hit hard. Ratter grunted but managed to take the blow.
    “Now Ratter, release Bide!”
    Ratter glowed with a white aura, and shot a blinding ray of light at Bianca’s Lillipup. It went flying. Finally the poor thing hit the ground and fainted.
    “Oh, my Lillipup,” Bianca wailed. “Return! Go Snivy!”
    Her Snivy appeared in a flash of light, ready to attack.
    “Ratter, return!” I ordered. “Go, Torch!”
    Ratter unwillingly reentered his pokéball while Torch left his.
    “Snivy, use Vine Whip!” Bianca’s Snivy launched vines from its body and used them to knock Torch off his feet. He got up, a little dirty but none the worse for the wear.
    “Now Torch,” I shouted, “it’s time for our secret weapon. Use Ember!”
    Torch took a deep breath and shot out flaming embers. They hit Bianca’s Snivy, which began to smolder. It gave out a weak cry and fell to the ground unconscious.
    “Like, wow, Chris, that battle was awesome,” Bianca said. “Your pokémon are really strong. But I’m going to make my pokémon stronger and beat you one day.”
    “Thanks,” I said. “Good luck with your training, Bianca. I’m going to head out for Striaton before it gets any later.”
    “Alright. See you!” She retrieved her Snivy and went into the Pokémon Center.
    I turned to Torch. “Come on, Torch, let’s go!” I said. Then we headed out toward Striaton City.

    Current Team

    Torch- Tepig lvl 9
    Ratter- Patrat lvl 9

    Writer's Note- I'm thinking about giving a summary of what actually happened in my game during the given chapter. Tell me if you would like this or not.
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    Great chapter, bb!
    And a summary sounds like fun!
    Look! I've got FANFICS:
    To Conquer Worlds: A Platinum Nuzlocke Challenge
    Umbral Lines - A Story of Unova

    Also, take a look at: Those Who Know How Not To Be Seen: A group for lovers of Pokémon and Monty Python!

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