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    Thumbs up Beat That!

    Attention all PokeFarm members!

    I would like all members who beat the Elite Four in Black/White to take a picture of their screen when it shows all the Pokemon and your time and post it in this thread. If you do I'll give you a bonus of 1,000 PokeCash!

    Please put text in as well detailing the party of Pokemon you used and what ever storytelling bits you want to add in but... PLEASE NO SPOILERS!!!!

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    I've just completed Black Version, but I won't tell much of the story because of spoilers. It's the UK version. I've put up several screenshots including my entire team throughout Black and my National Dex, aswell as the Save Screen with 8 badges and my playtime. Linkzer -

    I went through the entire game with that team, however early on, near the daycare I left my Blitzor there. Just before the Jet Badge, I picked up my Blitzor and it evolved into Zebstrika, becoming the final and one of the most valuable of my team. (It was levelled nearly even with the rest of the team by the time I'd picked it up, I recommend anyone to drop of a single pokemon there before continuing their adventure).

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    I just went though White. The only thing I can say is, it's awesome. I went though the hole game with this team, without any trouble. I started with Snivy, mostly because I started with Oshawott in my japanese game and I wanted to try a different starter this time.

    Right now it is;
    Serperior lv. 56 - Naive: Wring Out, Leaf Tornado, Grass Pledge and Leaf Blade.
    Darmanitan/Zorrow lv.54 - Naughty: Fire Punch. Superpower, Hammerarm and Overheat.
    Krookodile/Treat lv. 50 - Gentle: Dig, Crunch, Sand Tomb and Foul Play
    Carracosta/Speedy lv. 50- Bold: Smack Down, Surf, Crunch and Aqua Tail.
    Haxorus/T lv. 52 - Bashful: Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, False Swipe and Dragon Claw.
    Unfezant/Piphans lv. 48 - Sassy: Fly, Air Cutter, Roost and Air Slash.
    ^^ Unfezant is being switched out with Rufflet
    I had to use a link, because the picture is to big.

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    It doesn't really have a good sceen for taking screenshots... Is that what you're looking for?

    This is from my save right after I beat the game. My playtime is a bit inflated, I left my DS running overnight a few times...
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    Wow that was quite a challenege taking on N then Ghetsis (spelling?) I'll edit it with pics in a lil bit.
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    Default here is me entering the hall of fame a week ago,
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    At 96 hours, it feels like I've been slacking off - but really, I've just been spending time exploring and trading.

    'Records' photo:

    Blitzle (Spot)
    Jellicent (Aurano)
    *shiny* Krookodile (Dundee)
    Lampent (Lumiere)
    Emboar (Spit-Roast)
    Swanna (Odette)

    All were lv 55 when I went in; I don't think I could've beaten the last guy if they were any lower - as it was I used up a lot of revives/max revives, but mainly during the last battle!
    Credit for Michigan Toed image goes to thefuriousangel
    Credit for Jester Politoed image goes to N0t2f34r
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    Wow! I feel like I was seriously OVER-leveled! My whole team was 66 - 68 going into the E4.
    In the end, it was tough, but we prevailed! Despite getting knocked down quite often, they all got back up again and kept marching forward.
    In the end, it was Balder the Swanna versus Alder's final 'mon. A mighty HyperBeam left Balder with a mere 21 hit points before the Swanna leaapt high into the air in order to deliver a hopefully finishing blow with Fly. The strike landed, and though the 'mon's Flame Body left Balder with a Burn, he stood tall and victorious in the end.

    Without further ado, My Team:
    Surtur (Emboar) - the Heart and Soul
    Hel (Cofagrigus) - the Grit
    Sif (Hydreigon) - the Maw
    Freyr (Beartic) - the Claw
    Balder (Swanna) - the Beautiful Wing
    Heimdall (Galvantula) - the Alert and First Striker (supposed to be the name - forgot to rename before I hit the E4)

    Sorry about the resolution. I'll try and get a better one tomorrow.
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