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    Default Pokemon Trading

    The automated Pokemon trading system is now ready for heavy use. It can be accessed via your individual Pokemon description page (off of My Pokemon).

    Select the Pokemon you want to trade for via the drop down box and then trade away!

    You may have up to six Pokemon in the automated trade system at one time.

    All trades are logged so after a while we will release information on who is popular and who is not!

    I will an "untrade" option shortly. I will also be adding a row in your Pokemon Box area that shows you which Pokemon are currently in the trade system. You will use those links to get your Pokemon back from the trade system.

    There is currently no confirmation message when the trade is complete.

    If you want to trade specific Pokemon you can either put them into the system or message your friends ahead of time. However, the system grabs the oldest applicable trade when you enter your Pokemon into the system. So even if your friend puts a Pokemon in that you want you may still get someone else's if their matching trade is older.
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