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Thread: Waves Crash, Trainers Clash: Enter the Fen Gym!

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    Arrow Waves Crash, Trainers Clash: Enter the Fen Gym!

    Waves Crash, Trainers Clash: Enter the Fen Gym!

    Thanks to Viscosity for the banner.

    Windswept hair. The cold sea breeze. On a floating platform you stand, in the middle of the clear, blue sea. Why you are here now, you can barely recollect why. The sanity of it all was lacking. Will you ever even get a shot at the Fen Gym Badge, let alone survive this cold, odd situation?

    On your journey to become the Pokémon Master, your next stop was marshland Pastoria City. You finally arrive, ever so tired from pedaling on your bike, only to find out that the Fen Gym has been relocated outside of Pastoria. You let out an exhausted sigh, get on your bike, and set off once again. Along you go, pedaling on a path that leads you to a nearby seaside hotel resort, close to where the new Fen Gym stands. You soon arrive to a picturesque scene of sun and waves, of white sand and palm trees. The surroundings seemed to invigorate you and refuel your will to be the best Trainer around. But the surprise doesn't stop there. As you reach the seaside, a Sailor approaches you, telling you that the Gym Arena is located not in the Gym building, but out in the open sea. You heave another sigh, as the Sailor directs you to a white yacht that has been awaiting your arrival.

    After half an hour's worth of seasickness, the craft finally came to a stop. You step off the yacht and onto a floating platform, where you stand now. Shivering. Perhaps because of the cold winds. Or perhaps because of anticipation. Or perhaps both. And until now you realize that the yacht has gone missing. In your mind you start panicking. You are all alone on a platform, in the middle of the sea. Is this some sort of joke? You stare ahead of you. There is nothing more but an endless mass of blue and another platform like the one you are standing on, only vacant. "This must be some joke," you thought, cursing to yourself at the same time for neglecting to bring a coat. And so there you stand, cold and helpless.

    After what seemed like forever, the white yacht comes back out of nowhere and stops near the vacant platform. Down comes a young woman in a white sundress that looks to be no more than eighteen. With white locks that strongly resembled sea foam at the tip of crashing waves and blue eyes that looked like the sea, she steps towards the platform in front of you. "Sorry I'm late," she says in a nonchalant tone, running her hand through her hair. "I had some trouble to deal with back in the Gym building." You say nothing and just stare at her, wondering if she even had a clue of what you had to go through this entire time. Then she smiles and says, "Why so glum? Do you not wish to earn the Fen Gym Badge?" You silently nod and she replies, "A quiet one, huh? Very well then." An odd chill comes down your spine as she pauses to pull out her Pokéball. And then you jump, almost falling off your platform, as she donned a grin and boomed, "Let us begin!"
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