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Thread: The Viridian Enigma: Shroomish

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    Default The Viridian Enigma: Shroomish

    The Viridian Enigma

    The Viridian Enigma is dedicated to unraveling and discovering the biological mysteries of our world, and relating them to the world of Pokémon. While I won’t bore you with all the details, I would like to divulge some of the more interesting tidbits.

    Things you may not have known about mushrooms, particularly the poisonous ones:
    • Out of the 14,000 species of mushrooms, only about 50 are considered toxic when ingested.
    • The majority of poisoning cases come from small children who don’t know any better, but a significant number of them are from mushroom collectors mistakenly consuming a toxic species that looks similar to an edible or psychoactive species.
    • Most poisonous mushrooms will not induce symptoms until hours or days after ingestion. While most induce nausea and other uncomfortable gastrointestinal irritation, a few can cause permanent and sometimes fatal damage to the liver and kidneys.
    • Of special note is the toxin coprine. It inhibits an enzyme necessary for breaking down alcohol, so consuming these kinds of mushrooms with alcohol results in a permanently hung-over state.
    • The Death Cap is a species prevalent in most of Europe which resembles a few harmless species. It has been implicated in the historical deaths of Roman Emperor Claudius, Pope Clement VII, Tsaritsa Natalia Naryshkina, and Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, either accidentally or as a tool of assassins.

    Today’s subject: Shroomish.

    False Swipe
    Seed Bomb

    All of the specimens presented below have an Adamant nature and the ability Poison Heal (unless otherwise noted). This ability is quite handy if you equip your Breloom with a Toxic Orb. Holding Toxic Orb will poison yourself, and Poison Heal's effect results in a gain of 1/8 of your HP per turn, twice as much as Leftovers. This also prevents other people from inflicting harmful status like sleep or paralysis on you. Being poisoned also boosts the base attack power of Façade to 140.

    I originally intended these guys to be more of a utility Pokémon, since Spore and False Swipe make catching wild Pokémon so much easier. I got lucky with the IVs, so I hope you guys will be pleasantly surprised if you raise them to be battlers. Obviously you should replace False Swipe with something more useful, like Focus Punch, Substitute, Stone Edge, Leech Seed, or Mach Punch.

    As an added bonus, all Shroomish given away at this event will be infected with the Pokerus and will be holding an Enigma Berry, in celebration of the launch of The Viridian Enigma.

    PH05 31/31/15/11/29/26
    PH06 28/31/4/1/4/31
    PH07 24/25/25/21/26/18 Jdubs911
    PH08 26/13/25/23/22/31 Platinum
    PH09 18/13/15/14/26/29
    PH10 2/31/30/21/22/31 Squeeb
    PH11 12/28/15/21/0/31
    PH12 26/25/25/11/30/16
    PH15 1/25/9/31/31/10
    PH16 14/31/15/31/14/30
    PH17 30/28/2/31/31/13 Emp395
    PH18 26/22/15/21/31/20
    PH19 18/25/17/21/7/31
    PH20 20/31/8/10/14/31
    PH22 23/25/26/29/31/31 Crymzon1980
    PH23 24/17/25/0/31/31
    PH24 20/28/5/14/31/31
    PH25 4/30/25/10/0/31
    PH27 20/23/20/31/5/31
    PH28 26/17/25/21/31/24
    PH29 6/25/27/12/31/30
    PH30 31/21/15/31/5/27
    PH31 27/31/25/14/21/31 N0t2f34r
    PH32 11/25/5/21/31/12
    PH33 20/22/28/25/24/31
    PH34 21/31/30/31/12/22 predictions of doom
    PH35 5/27/25/31/31/26
    PH36 31/25/4/5/17/31
    PH37 4/31/19/31/31/16 cowmoo83
    PH38 11/31/25/13/31/31 Rolytic
    PH39 25/31/15/9/11/31 Deneves
    PH40 16/31/23/21/31/23 Jayoku
    PH41 31/28/24/5/31/31 Kiwi
    PH42 31/26/8/17/31/31
    PH43 27/25/31/31/7/31 Trombones13
    PH44 27/25/31/31/7/31 Bri
    PH45 29/25/25/8/31/31 baguio
    PH46 12/20/25/21/31/31 pikaluva13

    The following are the individuals with the Effect Spore ability that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away. If you are using it strictly for breeding purposes or maybe catching Pokémon, then I suppose having the wrong ability won’t matter. But I would strongly suggest using a Poison Heal specimen for battling.

    ES08 11/31/5/24/31/31 rage 4000
    ES09 31/15/11/31/31/10
    ES20 18/25/22/31/31/20
    ES22 29/31/15/19/11/31 meeker
    ES23 4/31/26/21/31/31 killerjeff88
    ES25 27/31/24/21/20/31
    ES26 18/31/25/13/11/31

    Picking up your Pokémon:
    • Have my Diamond FC in your Pal Pad, please. Tyler 4941 5693 9105
    • Select your specimen and name it, or I’ll name it for you. (Probably after a RL fungus or character from another video game)
    • Tell me when you plan on picking up. I will be online at specific times, listed below, for the first few days of the event. Later on, you should drop me a VM and set up a time and date for us to meet.
    • Please don't bring an egg as trade fodder. Items are not required. If you feel like impressing me, I'd really like a Petaya Berry!

    Thanks for reading my first event, and please take a Shroomish home with you!
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    Tyler Silver FC: 0475 0139 9538 Diamond FC: 4941 5693 9105

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    Pickup Times

    Friday 01/29/10 @ 7:30PM EST
    Saturday 01/30/10 @ 10:30AM EST
    Monday 02/01/10 @ 10:30AM EST
    Monday 02/01/10 @ 7:30PM EST

    For converting timezones, you may find this website handy:

    Tyler Silver FC: 0475 0139 9538 Diamond FC: 4941 5693 9105

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    nice job on your first event.
    I'll have this please ^_^
    ES23 4/31/26/21/31/31

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    Ph38 11/31/25/13/31/31 please. Could you nickname it Button?

    Also, most people won't want to pick up at your "pickup times". That's only really put in place for the main site events.
    Last edited by Rolytic; 01-29-2010 at 10:19 AM. Reason: made it more polite.
    You can call me Py. It's short for Pyrolytic. If you need anything, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me. I'm not active on Skype, but AIM is fine if you introduce yourself first.

    Where else can you find me/other screen names?
    dA: Rolytic
    LoL, formspring: PyBear
    WoW: (Dentarg - H - Narglax)

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    PH37 4/31/19/31/31/16

    (Great job!!! Especially considering this is your first event)

    Credits go to n0t and thefuriousangel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolytic View Post
    Also, most people won't want to pick up at your "pickup times". That's only really put in place for the main site events.
    Well, that's when I'll be online, so if you want your Shroomish, that would be a good time to find me. I'll adjust my plan to fit everyone's needs as time goes on, if I think it needs adjustment.

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!

    Tyler Silver FC: 0475 0139 9538 Diamond FC: 4941 5693 9105

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    PH41 31/28/24/5/31/31 looks like a beast. Could you nickname himToadstool? I'm not sure if I could manage your pick-up times (well, I'm half asleep now so if i went to the time converter I'd probably get it wrong, so I'm just guessing I can't), but we can probably work something out.
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    PH31 27/31/25/14/21/31
    Pweeze & Thank you.

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    PH45 29/25/25/8/31/31
    nicknamed 1 up plz =D
    great event ^^ btw i plan on picking him up today at 7:30 =D
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    silver spring, maryland name : douglas


    ok since today is the 29 can i get eso8

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