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Thread: Earning your Torrent Teardrop

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    Default Earning your Torrent Teardrop

    How to Request the Gym Leader for a Battle

    1. Go to your Settings located at the upper right hand of the page. Scroll down the list and select Permission Groups. Then, select Torrent Gym - Join Group and send your application to join the group.
    2. Once finished, the Gym Leader will contact you within 1-3 days via Private Messaging (PM), unless specified otherwise. You may access your Private Messages from your Notifications. The message will contain an inquiry as to when you will be able to conduct a battle with the Gym Leader.
    3. Please respond to the inquiry with adequate information.
    4. Once a schedule has been set, be punctual. If you have to miss the appointment for some reason, please inform the Gym Leader in advance.

    Rules for Challengers

    * The Challenger's team will be composed of 6 Pokémon. Nothing more, nothing less.
    * League matches will be at Level 50 Single Battle format.
    * Voice Chat must be turned OFF during battle.
    * Legendary Pokémon and Übers are NOT permitted in battle.
    * Duplicates or more of the same Pokémon are NOT permitted in the Challenger's team.
    * The Pokémon in the Challenger's team are NOT permitted to hold same items.
    * The Challenger may switch out their Pokémon in battle as desired.
    * Hacked Pokémon are NOT permitted. If the Gym Leader finds the Challenger's Pokémon's legitimacy to be questionable, the Gym Leader may request a Trade Inspection to certify that the Pokémon are legitimate and not hacked. The Challenger must comply or a Gym Badge will not be granted. Disregard of this rule may result to further consequences.
    PokéFarm is devoted to breeding exceptional Pokémon and not masterful hacking. The Gym System's purpose is for the Challengers to display their skills and strategies as a Trainer, and not as a cheater. Cheating is an unacceptable way to victory and it will not be tolerated here. Hackers will additionally be labeled with the Hacker's symbol.
    * Tardy Policy: Gym Leaders are to report to Moderators and/or Administrators challengers who are late/absent for Gym battles, if no valid AND reasonable excuse is available. Tardiness and/or absences will be assigned 15 infraction points that will last 30 days. This also means that the Challenger may not request a challenge until the infraction has expired. Further violations may lead to further punishments. It is upon the Gym Leader's discretion if the Challenger is late or not.
    * In case of WiFi connection errors, the Challenger must wait 1 week before a do-over regardless of whose connection disrupted the match.
    * If the first battle ends in defeat for the Challenger, he/she must win a match against a the Gym Leader's Assistant (if any) or a selected member that has won the Gym Leader's Badge previously before challenging the Gym Leader once again.
    * Disregarding and disobeying any of the rules will result in an automatic loss for the Challenger, confiscation of Badges (if any), and permanent suspension from any other League events.

    PokéFarm Clauses

    Species Clause
    * It is NOT permitted to have two or more of the exact same Pokémon in a team.
    * Pokémon from the same Family are however permitted (i.e. Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu).

    Duplicate Item Clause

    * No two Pokémon in the team may carry the same item.

    Evasion Clause

    * Moves that directly increase evasion (such as Double Team and Minimize) are NOT permitted in battle.
    * Taking advantage of abilities such as Sand Veil and Snow Cloak are permitted. They are abilities, and do not directly affect evasion status.

    Self-K.O. Clause

    * When both parties are down the last Pokémon, Self-K.O. moves (such as Explosion, Destiny Bond, Perish Song, Memento, etc.) will cause an automatic loss for its user.
    * Abilities such as Aftermath do not count since they are abilities and not moves

    Sleep Clause

    * It is NOT permitted that the status Sleep (SLP) be applied to more than one of the opponent's Pokémon at a time. The opponent's currently sleeping Pokémon must first awaken or get knocked out before Sleep may be cast on the opponent's Pokémon once again.
    * Applying the status Sleep while using random-selection moves (such as Assist, Metronome, Sleep Talk, etc.) does NOT violate this clause.
    * The move Yawn (unless used with moves such as Assist, Metronome, Sleep Talk, etc.) violates this clause.
    * Self-inflicted Sleep (such as Rest) does NOT count in this clause, as it is voluntarily inflicted by the user and not by the opponent.
    * If ability-inflicted Sleep (such as Effect Spore, etc.) is already in effect, applying Sleep to another Pokémon violates this clause

    One-hit KO (O.H.K.O.) Clause

    * One-hit K.O. moves (such as Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, etc.) are NOT permitted, as they hugely rely on chance and not skill.

    Rules for Gym Leaders

    * The Gym Leader's team will be composed of 6 Pokémon. Nothing more, nothing less.
    * League matches will be at Level 50 Single Battle format.
    * Voice Chat must be turned OFF during battle.
    * Legendary Pokémon and Übers are NOT permitted in battle.
    * The Gym Leader's party members must match the Gym's types.
    * Dual/Mixed types are permitted.
    * If a Dual-type Pokémon's types match BOTH the Gym's types, the Gym Leader gains a free slot with for any Pokémon desired even if it is entirely out of the Gym's typing.

    Water/Psychic Gym
    # Gyarados - Water/Flying
    # Alakazam - Psychic
    # Lanturn - Water/Electric
    # Bronzong - Psychic/Steel
    # Slowbro - Water/Psychic >>> Dual-typing matches both of Gym's; opens 1 slot
    # Infernape - Fire Fighting >>> Slot opened because of Slowbro

    * Duplicates or more of the same Pokémon are NOT permitted in the Gym Leader's team.
    * The Pokémon in the Gym Leader's team are NOT permitted to hold same items.
    * Gym Leaders may switch out their Pokémon in battle as desired.
    * The Gym Leader may only award a Badge when the Challenger wins a battle fairly.

    After a Challenger Victory
    Challengers MUST stay on WiFi for a mandatory Trade Inspection immediately after battle. Refusal to have the inspection will lead to confiscation of Badges (if any) and disqualification from the League. Further punishments may apply
    Request a trade or answer the gym leader's request for a trade. You won't actually trade, the gym leader just needs to inspect your team to make sure that the pokemon are legitimate and that the hold item clause has not been violated.
    You will be accepted as a member of the Torrent Gym and soon should see a badge on your profile.
    If you are battling for a shiny badge all the pokémon must have been bred on the game card you are battling with. None may be caught in the wild or come from a link trade or foreign land and the OT number must match. Shiny badges can only be awarded by an Admin so be patient and wait for it to turn shiny.

    After a Challenger Loss
    You will be denied membership and removed from request for membership.
    You may rechallenge the gym after seven days
    Make adjustments to your team and apply for membership in the Torrent Gym by following the steps in How to Request the Gym Leader for a Battle above.

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