#302 Sableye

Darkness Pokémon

Keen Eye: Opponent cannot lower this Pokémon’s accuracy. (Use this on all sets here)
Stall: The Pokémon always attacks last.

Types: Dark / Ghost

Base Stats:

HP: 50
Attack: 75
Defence: 75
Special Attack: 65
Special Defence: 65
Speed: 50

Total: 380

Nasty Plot
Nature: Timid
Item: Leftovers / Focus Sash
EVs: 252 Special Attack 252 Speed
Nasty Plot
Shadow Ball
HP Fire

Well, there really is nothing much to say about this apart from the usually which is, switching in on something which doesn’t like Sableye, setting up Nasty Plot, and hoping you can sweep. You can try HP Fighting over fire if you wish as well.

Nature: Careful
Item: Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP 126 Special Defence 126 Defence
Night Shade / Counter
Knock Off / Taunt

Probably the best set there is on this poke, it’s more feasible than the NP set, and more likely to cause consistent damage, as well as crippling opponent. Counter can be used, and can probably KO something in UU if used intelligently.

My Opinion

Sableye is only really feasible in UU, if you want to use something similar in OU, use Spiritomb, its far more useful, and will do alot better. This is really calling on a very small niche in UU, if used well, can deal a fair amount of damage, or causing havoc for the opponent by burning them or by knocking off items. It really can make a difference given good prediction, especially the NP set.