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    Default Battle Record (Leader)

    All records of my battles will be posted here.




    3-0 Pikaluva13: Man i have a really shifty start. You got a few lucky turns there too.
    0-1 Empoleon67: Gah. If only you could change the way you did things huh? Well done!
    2-0 Sasuke: You had me worried for a second there. I need to research the species of FOOD2GO but for now its HOBY2GO.
    6-0 KillerJeff: I think you need a little more time on battling and les on breeding.
    4-0 Matt42: You came prepared, you just could not pull it off.
    6-0 T-roo: Just like old times eh? Great battle but you just didn't have the power.
    3-0 Catcatcat: Another come back thanks to my sturdy wall. <3 IT

    0-4 Baguio: Out-Classed and pulverised. Those crits did not help >.>
    4-0 RJ61: Wow what a devastating battle. i'm having bad luck these days.

    1-1 Sasuke: A funny battle with my attack missing 3 times in a row!
    5-0 qbirdstar: A great start for my new team. Great game
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