Back in the days of D/P/Pt/HG/SS we use to have a thing called IV battles, all your Pokés auto-leveled to 100 for 100% accurate IVs. Basically you went into a battle with all your freshly hatched Pokémon and you recorded their stats and then after plugged them into an IV Calculator. Then B/W/B2/W2 took away our IV battles.

In X/Y you can once again battle a friend and have your Pokés auto-leveled to 50. Although not as accurate as the level 100 battles. I understand that using the IV guy is easier, but I am not there yet so I make do with this haha.

Also no IV calculator works for the new Gen, but I believe this IV calc to be accurate so far, MetalKid's.

O.K. I know I have to get my game going and the IV guy is in post game play.