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Thread: Fight Or Flight (Zeppelin Gym Record)

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    Default Fight Or Flight (Zeppelin Gym Record)

    This thread will hold my Zeppelin Gym Record.

    Wins: 29
    Losses: 20
    DCs/DQs: 6

    Whitdjinn: 1-0 Woooow, that was close. Awesome match.
    Empoleon67: 2-0 Nice match with some neat Pokemon. I don't think you'll have much trouble with a couple lineup changes for next week.
    Slizer107: 0-3 Awesome job with those new Pokemon--my team couldn't hold up to it.
    ShadowMario3: 2-0 I had a feeling you'd bring some unexpected Pokemon to our battle. Neat match--see you in a week!
    Mrperson0: 4-0 Very interesting team--unfortunately, mine seemed to overpower it.
    Vasden2: 5-4? Ugh; I hate when I win like that. It was an interesting battle up until then.
    sasuke715: 2-0 Cool to see some new Pokemon from you. I got worried at the end, but Phalanx did its job well.
    baguio: 3-0 You have a really cool team; I'll admit I was worried for this. Nice try!
    razorbeam: 4-0 Fun match with some neat Pokemon. I look forward to battling you again!
    Kiwi: 4-0 Luck and type advantages were on my side for a lot of this battle.
    run_bubba_run: 3-0 Cool match. As what's appearing to be the norm, luck was in my favor. I liked your team!
    Whitdjinn: 4-0 This, too, was a very "cool" match--you got into quite the slippery situation!
    Killerjeff88: 0-2 Great match with some powerful Pokemon. I wish I wouldn't have missed as much as I did, ha ha... Congrats on your shiny badge!
    sasuke715: 4-2 Man... That was fun while it lasted. Try again in a week.
    ShadowMario3: 0-3 I told you you wouldn't have much problem. I switched up my team, but you did too, and you came out as the victor.
    run_bubba_run: 0-4 Very well-played on your side; your team was really interesting. I realized toward the end that resistance was futile, ha ha. Shiny badge for you!
    baguio: 0-2 Close match. I thought I was doing fine until Enel ruined my day. Congratulations on your shiny badge!
    Empoleon67: 2-0 Same result as last time--Paion played wonderfully as he was intended to play.
    Whitdjinn: 0-2 I guess the third time really is the charm! I was waiting to see some familiar faces and you surprised me with new ones--shiny badge granted!
    Vasden2: 2-0 Neat match with some surprising tactics--I was worried until your OUs were out of the picture.
    sasuke715: 4-0 Be careful about type weaknesses and think about my ability to exploit those weaknesses with the attacks I use. I did get pretty lucky, though.
    sasuke715: 0-2 ...And this time, you were the lucky one--several crits and a well-balanced team secured the win.
    Matt42: 3-0 Cybele was able to pull off multiple super-effective moves, with Euphoria on clean-up duty.
    pikaluva13: 5-0 Euphoria swept through your team, although a couple lucky crits helped.
    hoby123: 0-1 Awesome match! It was anyone's game throughout the whole thing. Shiny badge won!
    razorbeam: 0-3 Today's just not my day. Very nice match, and yet another shiny badge!
    platinum: 6-0 Sorry about that...Phalanx and Nebula proved too much for you.
    Matt42: 3-0 Euphoria caused you problems once again; toward the end, it was too bulky for Cloud and Jack'naBox.
    sasuke715: 2-0 (for shiny badge upgrade) Nice job; 15.1 proved to be a pain as always. I'm really glad Euphoria lived in the end.
    Matt42: 0-2 Third time's the charm for you, too. Congrats!
    Vasden2: 0-4 *sigh* Another loss. I knew your strategy coming in, but it didn't help me any. Shiny badge; congrats!
    Crymzon1980: 3-0 Nice battle with an interesting team. I think you'll be a great battler with some more experience.
    Empoleon67: 2-0 Another good battle that I was pretty nervous about. Luck hurt you today, I think.
    sasuke715: 0-2 (for shiny badge upgrade) After 15.1 swept half of my team, I didn't have much of a chance.
    Empoleon67: 0-1 A close battle, but with that last match-up, I could have only won with a lot of luck. Congratulations!
    S Tailor: 1-2 So close...and then the blue screen hit. Try again in a week.
    Master: 0-3 Nice battle; I expected this outcome, but it was still a great match. [Win REMOVED due to illegal Pokemon.]
    Catcatcat: 0-2 Cool match; loved the Pokemon on your team. One of yours was a good counter for several of mine.
    Bumbee: 4-1 I noticed it lagging a couple times, but I was hoping it wouldn't end like this. *sigh*
    rj61: 3-0 Fun match as always with some cool (and powerful) Pokemon. Euphoria outlasted a couple of them, though.
    Flareon: 3-2 Recorded as a win due to challenger running from battle. Nice match otherwise.
    Ryan493: 4-0 Nice team you have; however, without IVs, you can't do as much damage to my team.
    123kid158: 5-0 The same story applies here; you have a good start, but IVs are pretty necessary these days.
    Matt42: 0-1 (for shiny badge upgrade) That one came right down to the wire; I think that crit sealed my fate.
    Ice T: 0-3 A lot of powerful Pokemon from you on a nicely-themed team.
    T roo: 1-0 Awesome match; that was really tense toward the end.
    rj61: 0-2 A strong combination of power, skill, and luck gave you quite the advantage.
    wicked_rapture: 0-4 It was a very drawn-out match, but you took the upper hand and brought it home for the win.
    Empoleon67: 0-2 (for shiny badge upgrade) I was expecting this outcome, but a great match nonetheless with some cool Pokemon on your side.
    predictions of doom: 1-0 Great match, but don't make me get so worried like that! Looking forward to seeing you in battle again.
    pikaluva13: 3-0 Good match; several super-effective attacks were an issue for your team.
    Frawg: 3-0 You have a powerful team, but I had some power and luck to overcome them.
    predictions of doom: 0-4 This match turned out quite oppositely to your first bout--great comeback and congratulations!
    Frawg: 6-5 We were just getting started when the dreaded blue screen reared its ugly head. See you in a week.
    Frawg: 4-0 Nice battle; Ryujin was able to withstand enough to take a couple threats out and Xolotl finished them off.
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