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Thread: how you learned about pokefarm

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    When Pearl was still fresh I was googling GTS trades and the random sparkle event that happens @ Snowpoint City. Came across Pokefarm saw that everyone was trading and battling, signed up right on the spot. All instead of doing my school work hahahaha!
    Good training starts with good breeding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annafu View Post
    I honestly don't even remember. :<
    I want to say its because I was looking for something about breeding and stumbled upon here.
    Forget ALL of that. I remembered how I found it. xD
    I was looking for this team rocket rom i found years ago, and happened upon the team rocket part of this site. I played a little bit but never really did much with the forums. A few months later, I noticed a really cool farm event on the main site and decided to sign up. x3

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    I actually found this game looking for pokemon sims. I found pokemon crater but it got taken down, so I was looking for other games. Then I found I like this better than other sites there' s a seperate game to actually battle, which I like
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    First time around, I was going to

    Second time around: I was searching for stuff around Pokemon gray and I so happened land on a thread around the theories around 'M' or whoever the guy is since I have not played the newest two games yet. :/. But those were interesting theories. XD.

    Third time around: I put 'Com' instead of 'org' but, after broswing the site a few more times, I decided to join.

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    a good sis hooked a brotha up :swag:

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    Quote Originally Posted by DITTO View Post
    a good sis hooked a brotha up :swag:
    same here.

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