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Thread: You Make The Team 1# Winner- Zeus

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    Default You Make The Team 1# Winner- Zeus

    Originaly sent to me via pm from Whitdjinn.

    The following is my submission for the Beacon Gym "You make the team" contest.

    With your gym typing, it really lends itself for a sublime rain dance team. It is with that in mind, that I am submitting this mixed electivire. Here are the details:

    Electivire @ Expert Belt (Zeus)
    Mild nature
    EV's: 32 atk/252 Spec A/224 Speed
    ~Low Kick
    ~Rain Dance

    20/20 for originality!

    Both Kurt and I were astounded by how original we found this set to be! Low Kick was a nice surprise and is a force to be medaled with! Rain Dance on this poke is un seen and then using Thunder!

    10/10 For Effectiveness!

    As said previously Kurt and I were taken aback! The effectiveness is shown in the description and is amazing! Flame-thrower may be a bad choice during rain, but the other two moves cover it until rain is over!

    IV's: (I know there were 3 31 IVs, just need to find the others lol)

    10/10 for the IVs a true amount of hard work was shown here 3/6 IVs were 31!

    Now, if you were to look at Smogon's Mixed Vire set, you'd find that I haven't changed the EV set very much. That is because the EV's that are provided are all pretty manditory in order to maintain the effectiveness of the pokemon. Let me explain the choices that were made.

    Mild nature is + Special Attack and - Defense. Defense is vire's lowest stat, so being a bit under-par isn't going to let this thing take an earthquake any different. The special attack boost is critical since it is a bit lower than its attack stat. This is also the reason for maxing the SpAtk IV's.

    The speed IV's, as you'd find from Smogon let it outspeed some very important pokes in order to KO them even before getting a speed boost from Motor Drive.

    Low Kick is placed on the set due to the fact that the majority of your switch ins will be physical walls like Snorlax and Skarmory. You have the tools to deal with them immediately. Once that is found out, you will possibly face a Bliseey or other special wall. You notice that 2 of the best walls are also normal typed (Snorlax and Blissey). With low kick working similarly to Grass Knot, where a bigger opponent means more damage, this will be invaluable to ensure you can KO them both easily as well as Tyranitar who could otherwise handle this set very easily.

    Thunder and Flamethrower were chosen for their accuracy and type coverage. These are pretty standard special moves and allow you to cover literally a ton of pokes between the 3 attack moves.

    I mention that Thunder was chosen for its accuracy because of the last move - Rain Dance. Rain dance is chosen because it works so perfectly with your gym typing. A Water/Electric gym team is just about as close to ideal typing for a weather team as you can get. You get a fast taunting lead that can start the rain for you in Electrode, and you get pokes like Vaporeon and Gyarados who's power will be enhanced by the rain, but it will also bait out electric attacks, allowing you to switch in electivire and take advantage of the speed boost so that he can go to town and sweep the opposing team with a thunder that not only can't miss, but will HIT THEM THROUGH PROTECT!

    The hold item was chosen because of the great type coverage on this moveset. I believe that the damp rock would be better served on your lead, or whoever would be your primary rain dancer.

    The name Zeus was chosen because Zeus, being the Cheif God in ancient greece, was often pictured throwing Thunderbolts down from Mt. Olympus. To better illustrate this point, Your electivire has been hatched in Mt. Coronet!

    I think that you'll find this to be a VERY effective poke provided your gym typing, and how well it lends itself to be a great addition to any rain dance or water/electric typed team. I have tried to add some originaltiy as electivire is usually NEVER one of the rain dancers on the team, However can catch someone off guard with that as well. Low Kick has always been a decent option for vire, but normally Cross Chop is given the precedence due to its reliability. I think the surprise factor is worth much more in this case. I believe that I have covered every aspect of this pokemon, and why the choices were made the way they were. I hope you'll find it to be an invaluable part of your team!!

    10/10 For Description!

    A lot of research and time put into this description! It shows what to do with it, explains the reasons for the diverse moves and one again Kurt and I couldn't find anything wrong!
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