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Thread: Official PokeFarm Tier List

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    Exclamation Official PokeFarm Tier List

    Below you will find a link to the official PokeFarm tier list. This is the tier list used in all battling on the site. Please note that each competition is different and will allow/disallow certain tiers. Another reminder that the PokeFarm gym system does not currently allow Legendaries of any kind, those pokemon are listed in bold text in the tier list below.

    Any changes will be discussed and announced by the Pokefarm Tier Authority. If you'd like to suggest a change to the tiers, you can submit them to any staff member or gym leader for discussion.

    This is the only official list that now exists on the site, any previous listings have been combined into this one official list. This simply makes it easier to manage.


    Pokefarm Tier Authority

    Official PokeFarm Tier List
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