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    Hi i know I've never spoke to you personally but i was curious if you could quickly trade me a random gen IV egg?
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    hi wat is d use of this forum can we play games??
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    hey does anyone else not get this stuff
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    Yup, having your FC up is step one in trading.
    WiFi trading isn't too different from IR- you're just entering the room at the top of the Pokécenter instead of pointing your DS at someone else's.
    Try and and connect to WiFi from the Pokécenter to make sure that it all works- sometimes Nintendo has issue with certain routers.
    Once you've made sure that you can connect, why not take a peek through the Farming Subforum and see if anyone has any events that interest you? You can reserve a Pokémon from a farmer and then meet them on WiFi to trade for it.
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    6/6! Yay!

    Breeding's only half the work here- trading Pokémon for farm events can take a lot of effort an co-ordination.
    To start, you do have a DS and a copy of a Pokémon game, right?
    Assuming that you do, have you ever traded with anyone, or connected with anyone, over WiFi on a Pokémon game before?
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    Quiz time!

    1) What are the signature size limits?

    2) What kind of Pokémon aren't allowed anywhere on PF?

    3) Is it OK to post twice in a row on one thread?

    4) Name one topic that shouldn't be discussed on PF.

    5) Have you posted in the Welcome New Members Thread? If not, you should. It's a great way to introduce yourself to the forum.

    6) Is there anything specific that you'd like to start with? If not, we'll follow the big brother thread and start with Trading Basics.
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    Welcome to PokéFarm! (PF for short)

    I've been assigned as your "Big Sister"; as you saw on the Big Brother/Sister Thread, I'll help you get to know the forums, and explain the basics of what we do here at PF.

    We'll cover all of the game stuff, including Trading, Battling, Gym Challenges, and Farming, but to start off you should probably check out the Forum Rules.

    The Beginner Group has some handy info for new members as well- you can click "Group Tools", and then "Join Group" to be able to post there.

    Let me know once you've skimmed those by sending me a Visitor Message (VM)- you can do that by clicking on my name, or by clicking on "View Conversation".

    Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.
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    You're very welcome! Glad to help out! Lemme know if there's anything else I can do!
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    You're welcome for the welcome!
    I understand where you're at right now. I've bred 'mon before, but not really for IVs or to do anything more than just have an interesting MoveSet.
    Best things to check out would be:
    Farmer's Tool Shed
    and specifically,
    Deneves' Helpful Guide to Individual Values and Effort Values and Helpful Guide to Natures
    as well as
    BugCatcher6's So You Want To Be A Master Breeder. and IV Reference Sheet
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    Aloha and Be Welcome to PokéFarm!!
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