cartridge request

  1. HMTKSteve
    Use this thread to request a cartridge form pokefarm if you do not have one of your own.

    Currently we have five (bootleg) copies of Sapphire that can be sent out. While the forum does not believe in hacking or discussing hacks it has become plain to me that acquiring legit copies of gen III games is near impossible. All further challenges will be done using DS carts. This challenge will run for as long as these five chips hold out.

    If you want one sent out just post here.
  2. TheNinjaPhoenix
    Hm - I'd like to, but it's going to be costly to ship to the UK - I can see if my friend has his old Sapphire, but I'm somewhat doubtful of it....
  3. HMTKSteve
    Shouldn't be too bad or is there some sort of VAT tax involved? Send me your info in a PM and I will research the cost.
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