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  1. Crymzon1980
  2. becnoir
    I went to see Ponyo and its great! On amazon they have the Japan one with subs if you want to see it.
  3. pokefan50210
    Aquarion,Kurokami,Kaze no Stigma,Black Cat,Full Metal Alchemist,HeroicAge,Eureka 7,Kiba(Not naruto),Maburaho,Ghost Hunt,Code Geass,Air Gear,Jyu-Oh-Sei,Rosario+Vampire,and Maburaho.Rosario+Vampire and Maburaho would be rated T according to http:// .I believe they were all very great.Rosario might not be finished but no one really knows yet.
  4. pokefan50210
    I started reading love attack manga and that is one I recommend.
  5. pokefan50210
    I reccomend Dragonaut:The Resonance.
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