Boxing Day Special

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  1. Vasden2
    ANyn possible way... SO level up, Tutors, and Breeding.
  2. meeker
    I'll try my best.
  3. Catcatcat
    So how many pokemon are entering per person? I'll join group #2 with Empoleon67
  4. Ryan493
    2 pkmn per person
  5. Vasden2
    Ok... Just to give a little more information out, unlike the christmas special, here you must use the same team(from begiinig of tourney to end). The battles will be lv 100 Doubles. There will also be a scoring method to find out who gets the most points.

    Win = 3 points
    Tie = 1
    Loss = 0

    The following only count one time, even though your team must be checked before the battle...
    Per Fighting type = 1
    Per Steel/dark type = 1
    Per OU = 0
    Per BL = 1
    Per UU = 2

    If you do the math, someone can be using a team of fighting/dark/steel UUs and will get 6 points from the start, that does not mean that if you are using an all OU non of the types above team then you will not get first place, the thing is, you have to win both battles. This is mainly becouse its no fun to have every battle be a OU vs an OU and use the same old team. It adds variety and new strategy.)

    So, that means that I need a voulenteer to check teams before battles and add these points...
  6. meeker
    Well, I was actually planning on dropping out. I guess I could do the checking.
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