One Piece GLA Suggestions

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  1. Psychic4Life
    Hey Gunshin, lighten up. Vott said he doesn't really One Piece so he doesn't know. Anyways, I didn't mean you be Luffy. I meant like along with the Pvp. There could be like a story line that would be optional. Maybe if you beat the story line, you could get a Devil Fruit.
  2. TheMonsterAtlas
    I know what you meant, but I don't want a PVP game with a story, it would take away from the PvP and have people be like "OMG! I'm already finished with the story mode!" Besides, repatitive story modes are boring.
  3. Psychic4Life
    Yeah, I guess so. Carry on then.
  4. Emp395
    I have an idea, there could be NPC ships and maybe some sidequests (if those ideas haven't been used yet) and maybe a Player can find an island in the sea (and each server could has different seas, so maybe it won't be a good idea if your island will be exclusive to a server, or maybe the islands will be only visible if a player is online).
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