Favorite characters

  1. pikaluva13
    Well as of lately i've started to like the larger characters like DeeDeeDee and Ganondorf. I've always liked Bowser, but a of lately, i've not done so well with him, and i don't like him very much any more. I also have stopped liking toon link, as he get's thrown out way to easily...
  2. XD001
    I like heavyweights and lightweights. All-Arounders like Mario seem rubbish.
  3. pikaluva13
    yeah, Luigi is way better than Mario though. Their attacks are very similar, but luigi are just a tad better when i battle. Even though i like the heavyweights now, i still don't like Donkey Kong...all he can do is smash attacks to hurt people good...not someone i'd want to play as...lol
  4. XD001
    Snake is great. Good at close range, but he can pack a punch further away too. In SubSpace, he easily gets through a level.

    I find Ike better than Marth. Slower, but worth it.
  5. pikaluva13
    See it depends on the arena that i'm fighting in, if i'm in an area where you can walk to the edge, i like marth, but if it's an arena with a lot of platforms rising above, i ilke ike more, AETHER! :3
  6. XD001
    An edged platform is easy for Ike. His side Special (B+>) always stops at the edge, Aether exceeds if you have used a an upward slash before it, and overall, being heavier, stronger etc, he IS better than Marth!
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