The Battle Addicts

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  1. Paiopa
    Anyone up for a quick battle?

    - 6v6 single lv 100
    - no ubers
    - no legendaries
    - sleep clause

    PM me if you're interested
  2. Rayfox-Kun
    anyone up for a double battle?
    -6 on 6 lv100
    -gym rules for most parts (sleep clause, item clause ect....)
    -no legendaries or ubers

    just let me know with a pm or visitor msg ok
  3. Paiopa
    Anyone wanna battle?
  4. plusletrainer
    i'm still evtraining a team...
  5. Rayfox-Kun
    its been really quiet here for a while so just wondering if anyone wants to battle or whatevs im usually up for a battle
  6. Paiopa
    Same goes for me. And yeah it is quiet, but then again that's because there's no way to check activity on here lol.
  7. Wardell
    Hey i'm back from training and ready to have a one man match
  8. Seth98
    hey!!! i just wanted to say that i have created a group called "battle touranments" where me and members of the group will hold touranments... we have 1 coming up so dont forget to sign up!!! also we have a specialty tournament coming up soon!
  9. Paiopa
    Wow this thread has been quiet lol
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