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  1. Emerald
    probably. it would have.....BIRTH DEFECTS!!!! then the husband would be annoyed and divorce the mother........
  2. Emerald
    maybe i should hit my sub techer in the *********** pa-QUAAAA!!!!!********
  3. Emerald
    Happy new year!!!!
  4. cowmoo83
    if anyone needs help on their HW... i'm here to help now
  5. Seth98
    this is probably really really late but a trick i learned learning Sin Cos and Tan

    it goes like this

    (pronounce so caw toe ah)
    this is a savior on tests and it helped me pass math

    Soh - Sin Opposite over Hypotenuse

    Cah - Cos Adjacent over Hypotenuse

    Toa - Tan Opposite over Adjacent

    also if any does need help, im pretty good at math going into pre-calc next year, i can proofread papers, and a little bit of german im in german year 3 but i am at about a year 2 level so also Jawz3920939 can help u with german hes ALOT better then me in our class
  6. joinred1127
    I remember sohcahtoa. I loved that acronym.
  7. Psychic4Life
    Hey guys, if you need help, I'm a wiz at math and know beginner's Spanish. But, I don't know any high school math. I just know part of 8th grade down (7th grade advanced math rules )
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