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  1. kelog
  2. kelog
  3. Crymzon1980
    I SO got to have a DSi!!!!!!!!! I just LOVE portable systems!!!!!!!!! Loved the DS! Loved the DSlite, so i gotta have the next one but it was wrong for them to wait til next summer tho
  4. Pikadude609
    Merry Christmas
  5. becnoir
    I read in the nintendo mag that the DSi comes out in 2009!! I'm going to get one.
  6. Crymzon1980
    I hope it isnt to far in 2009 itd be sweet if it was about the same time Platinum comes out
  7. becnoir
    I think it will come by Xmas
  8. cowmoo83
    it would be awesome if it actually comes out in april like that person said...
  9. kelog
    i'm gonna get one!That would be sick if it came out in april.
  10. Pikadude609
    Please don`t post in this discusion i am closing it in favour of the new one i made. The DSi english release upcoming one. I will post if i want this reopened.


    (Any posts after this will be deleted)
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