Trading extra pieces of Pavé set

  1. Kay
    So, I have at least one extra of every Pavé item except for the bookshelf, I think (I will be double checking tomorrow & posting a more accurate list). And I don't really need the money that comes from selling it off, so I thought I'd offer to people that didn't get a chance to get the whole set.

    I'm mostly looking for the Harvest items I don't have - the rug & wall - and any Jingle items, as I have none (Xmas Eve and video games don't mix well in my family hehe). Or any event items from events that the U.S. doesn't have. Or rugs & walls that you can only get from Sahara, as she has only ever visited my town TWICE since I got AC:CF for Xmas, stupid lazy camel. *muttergrumblegripe*

    If you're missing 10 Pavé pieces and don't have any of the above to trade for it, please don't ask me to give it all to you anyway. However, if you can't trade me what I want but there's just that one pesky piece you need to complete your set, maybe we can work something out.

  2. CelticQueen
    I was glued to AC today and i have tons of extras...except ONE piece it would not give me to save my life ...the CLOSET! ...i didn't end up getting any chests until i was about to give up but i have 1 extra of those i think...i'll count em up tomorrow and put a better list up. Perhaps we can have some fun trading things around
  3. Kay
    Oh crud I forgot about the closet. I am not sure I have an extra one of those either. I will have to double check tomorrow... Currently my furniture is strewn all about the ground outside of my house, as I have no more room in my drawers! So it was kind of difficult to discern what all I have... But I'll figure it out!
  4. CelticQueen
    heh i'm out of room as well and had to pick it all up and make piles to figure out what i have :P

    Here's what i have extra ...

    1 sofa
    2 carpet
    2 bookshelves
    2 chests
    4 walls
    4 lamps
    4 end tables
    4 chairs
    4 bureaus

    so i'm guessing the closet was the rarest of the set cause that darn bird wouldn't give me any after all these extras!

    so anyone that needs this stuff let Whit or I know and we'll see what we can do
  5. becnoir
    Yeah I have none of this set. I haven't been playing that much lately.....
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