The Bubbling Cauldron

  1. Crymzon1980
    This section can be for suggestiing ideas for future pokemon events.
  2. RitualxZero
    I plan to do a Tyrunt, Nidoran with HA , Tauros HA, 8D Not sure which one will be next but those are 3 I'm picking
    Someone should do a Mightyena with quick feet
  3. Crymzon1980
    Looks like my next one may be HA Tropius, Debating if i want to do Hasty and Naive, I want to have Natural Gift to compliment Harvest ability and I might have a berry attached to them, I might either put Growth or Dragon Dance, and some ideas for attacks :3
  4. RitualxZero
    Oh wow that's really good Crymz! Taking it to the next level with an item If i do HA nidoking/tauros i'll add life orb lol
    But there's so many pokemons I want to breed
    HA Nido (???) Item: Life Orb
    HA Tauros (No egg moves sadly) Item: Life Orb
    HA Abra (Skill Swap, Guard Split) Item: Life Orb
    HA Mr.Mime (Icy wind)
    HA Salamence?
    Bulbasaur with 3 egg moves (wait) and maybe HP Fire?????
    too many mons
  5. Deneves
    Congratulations group. I love your events. Enjoy your new sub-forum
  6. Crymzon1980
    Next event will be Teddiursa for me, have final two parents ready juist need to start getting eggs ready to hatch and stuff LOL
  7. RitualxZero
    Thanks Deneves!
    And nice Don! i'm actually looking foward to your event xD. I'll be startng HA Abra (Skill Swap, Guard Split) Item: Life Orb. Looks like i'll be doing battle maison for a bit lol
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