Possible first events?

  1. Viperizer
    My idea for my first event would have to be a Magician Fennekin Modest natured with the egg moves Heat Wave, Wish, Hypnosis, and Magic guard. with an IV spread of 31/X/31/31/31/31? Views? Concerns? Input? What about you guy's first event?
  2. Crymzon1980
    ooh, I like the idea for your event Koty :d
  3. Crymzon1980
    i'M ALSO THINKING ABOUT MAKING Shinx my first event, since it's my current project and will be getting good IV'd babies and 4 egg moves.
  4. Viperizer
    I've decided my moveset for my Rotom! He will be Timid with Tbolt, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, and Volt Switch!
  5. RitualxZero
    HA physical Nidoking? xD With sucker punch and head smash ? Iron tail maybe? Or should i just go with a special one
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