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  1. LovelyStrife

    Question: Next season will this season's contestants be kicked out of the group or is this more of a past and present houseguest club?
  2. plusletrainer
    idk i havn't put any thought into it yet.
    btw i need to find all the the members of BB
  3. LovelyStrife
    Just go to the beginning of the BB thread and you'll get a list of all the contestants within the first 5 or so pages.
  4. plusletrainer
    i know but by the time i go to invite them i forget there names
  5. plusletrainer
    never mind i invited all the members of BB
  6. LovelyStrife
    Horray! Did you invite the ones that have been evicted too?
  7. plusletrainer
    yup everyone but cristy...
  8. LovelyStrife
    Yeah, she kinda went a bit wacko after being put up for eviction and went totally off the deep end after being evicted... >_<
  9. plusletrainer
    yup.. but it's against pokefarm rules to talk about banned people...
  10. LovelyStrife
    Is she still banned? I thought she was unbanned a while back.
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