Queen Fanclub

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  1. LovelyStrife
    Welcome to the Queen fanclub.
  2. Sorgatani
    Happy to be here

    I have the Platinum collection, but I wish I had a full set. Would cost me a fortune.
  3. mewmaster
    I have the greatest hits cd
  4. LovelyStrife
    My favorite album is A Night at the Opera. I loved when they came out with the 30th anniversary eddition. The bonus DVD on it is awesome!
  5. mewmaster
    im only 14 and i like queen 0_o
  6. LovelyStrife
    Yes! Queen is still appealing to today's youth and not just raggedy old curmudgeons like myself. What is your favorite Queen song?
  7. LovelyStrife
    We have a new member today, ice has finally realized that Queen is awesome and has joined our clan.
  8. ice_tomb9
    I always liked them....i just found the club a little later!!!
  9. LovelyStrife
    Excuses. So what is your favorite Queen ablum/song?
  10. ice_tomb9
    back!!! My favorite song is Killer Queen, idk about an album though.......
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