PokeFarm Advent Calender

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  1. timmyeatsfood

    also, who's trading the items to who? like, are we giving all of them to joinred, then he'll distribute them among us to trade to other people? or would it be better to just trade the items to the person who's giving that certain item away?
  2. Momtaro
    Here I am! So, just tell me what my job is... I am rather clueless at this point.
  3. timmyeatsfood
    haha. momtaro, you ought to give all your items away attached to bibarels.
  4. joinred1127
    @ Momtaro: Right now we're gathering items.

    @ timmy: All of you are giving the items to me. Then I'll distribute them among you. I still haven't had sign ups for certain days yet.
  5. Kurt
    And mine to Wynaut!
    *calls the 13th*
  6. timmyeatsfood
    yeah! i could do turtwigs! lolololol!
  7. joinred1127
    Actually you'll all be giving them away with Bidoof…

    I'm breeding sets of bidoof right now. The bidoof will all be named "Advent [insert day here]". When I trade the items to the elf who signs up for the day, all the items will be attached to bidoof.
  8. Momtaro
    People always love a cute 'lil bidoof. So, why doesn't someone just tell me what to get and when, and I will start my mission.
  9. joinred1127
    @Momtaro: Pick any item from the list of items to be given away, cross check to make sure no one else is getting it, get 30 of each item, trade the items to me.
  10. timmyeatsfood
    do we have to trade your bidoofs away?
    i really would much rather put a personal twist on it. and it'd be so much more fun to use our own personal pokemon! i know if i got a wynaut from trombones that'd make me happy and be all like "aww how sweet."

    and i wanna has a full party of turtwigs 2 trade!!1
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