PokeFarm Advent Calender

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  1. Gouswer
    I'm starting to grow the berries right now. I'm looking over Smogon's berry guide at the same time to grow as many as I can =p.
  2. LovelyStrife
    Good luck with that. It took me months to grow 100 of each berry when I went berry crazy x-amount of time ago. I found that using the mulch was just tedious but it does make it go faster. Just be careful not to miss a wattering. ^_^
  3. Kurt
    *cough*It's calendar...
    I'll do:
    Rare Candy
    Heart Scale
    Electrizer--I have 2 spares.
    Smooth Rock
    Icy Rock
    Heat Rock
    Damp Rock
    Leaf Stone
    Water Stone
    Fire Stone
    Moon Stone
  4. joinred1127
    *cough* It can be spelled either way >_<

    I'll put you down for those.
  5. Kurt
    *cough* Can not!!

    From Answers.com:
    Tutor's tip: A "calendar" is a chart showing the days, weeks, and months of the year, to "calender" is to press through a machine with rollers to make cloth or paper), while a "colander" is a perforated bowl used to drain food.

    *blows raspberry*
  6. joinred1127
    British spelling…
  7. timmyeatsfood
    so is this group visible by all members?
  8. joinred1127
    It's visible, but it's invite only. The smart members will figure out what's up eventually. Only talk about the calendar here, though, please. We don't want the whole shibang to be ruined.
  9. Kurt
    Am I missing something? I thought this was the whole shebang...

    And "calender" is Middle English. That's outdated. :P *ends argument*
  10. joinred1127
    Apparently you didn't read the PM thoroughly.

    Middle English, Upper English, Vernacular English, still English.
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