PokeFarm Advent Calender

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  1. Kurt
    Neat; thanks.
  2. Pikadude609
    Hi ill be donating some items like lucky eggs and light balls and whatever my pickup pokes get. Also can u pickup items just by biking and not battling since it would be useful while hatching eggs.
  3. joinred1127
    Remember everybody: as soon as you get your items, trade them to me, unless you have signed up to distribute the items that you have.

    I still need trades from Nak, TwinMetsFan, and Pikadude609.
  4. Pikadude609
    I have seen the list now so this is what i can give

    Lucky eggs
    Any of the rocks

    And any more just depends what i pickup/find undergroup etc.
  5. joinred1127
    @Pikadude: You should check the list more thoroughly. I already have all the stones and mail, and I'm not giving away light balls.
  6. Pikadude609
    Also does anyone have a lv.100 pickup poke for me to borrow plz.
  7. joinred1127
    Pikadude, I also have all the heart scales already.
  8. TwinsMetsFan
    I can trade anytime today - just send me a PM and we'll get the ball rolling.

    On a related note, is the list posted anywhere? I can't seem to find it.
  9. joinred1127
    The list is on the 8th page.
  10. TwinsMetsFan
    Thanks. Wow, that's a lot of stuff right there - a Poké Mart's dream!

    I can also give away Fire Stones too - they're all I ever seem to dig up in the Underground.
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