The Farm's Doormen

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  1. joinred1127
    Welcome doormen. Here we will be able to discuss new arrivals this week and plan a system to divide ourselves in order welcome people more efficiently.
  2. plusletrainer
    hey joinred1127 now how will we "divide ourselfs to welcome people more effifiently"?
  3. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    Thanks for the invite Just don't feel bad if I welcome someone after you I have a bad habit of greeting new members
  4. Cherkat
    This is a fun group Thank you so much for the invite. I will try and wear my doorman hat proudly
  5. Vott
    thanks for inviting me!
  6. joinred1127
    I'm thinking that we have a motto that we say each time we welcome a new member. I've been using "Welcome to PokeFarm! You'll love it here. If you have any questions, just ask [the PokeFarm Doormen]. " More suggestions are needed.

    We should also direct the new members to the "Introduction Thread" and the "Beginner Group".
  7. Vott
    so whats this about?
  8. plusletrainer
    it's about greeting new members

    i've been saying "Welcome to Pokefarm!
    you'll love it here if you have any Questions just ask and most members will be glad to help!" but on'y if i'm in a good mood

    i think we should get a banner for welcoming new members
  9. nickgamer10
    Ok im not trying to like suddenly become the leader but I have a few suggestions

    First: when you meat a person greet them in your own style then let them know how they can respond (via view conversation then reply) then try to direct them to the "Welcome new members" thread

    Second: get to know that person and answer any questions you come by

    Third: If they give you a friend request you can decide weather or not to take it REMEMBER your not expected to but recommended

    Fourth: Report how you did! Its great to hear others stories!

    Remember have fun
    P.s. I recommend a new "Welcome new Members thread" if the mods will allow
  10. joinred1127
    What's wrong with the old thread?

    I also send the new member a friend request first. I think it leaves a better impression.
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