Poke Farm Musical

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  1. mewmaster
    i was thinking for another romantic scene i could interrupt it
  2. Slizer107
    Naa ive made it, dont worry there will eb more lol.
  3. mewmaster
    good good now this is for everyone to chat about poke farm musical
  4. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    Thanks for the invite guys
  5. Kurt
    So, I can't see the video on here; is the solo good? If only my performances from this summer were on YouTube; you could link to them!
  6. Slizer107
    Umph! I wish people would stop asking to be in it, people will coem into it as and when they do, but if i put everyone in it will get mega confusing! So right now while its new im focusing on mostly key chacractors on pokefarm.
  7. LovelyStrife
    *Hugs* Well, I feel extra special for being included then. Yay for my one line of glory.
  8. mewmaster
    who are the main characters
    am i one
  9. Slizer107
    By main characotrs on pokefarm i mean like Nana, taterbud so on, but ill add people when i do.
  10. Kurt
    *smiles at being called "key character"*
    Thanks, Matt!
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