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  1. MissingNo.
    I didn't see one already made, which amazed me. But here it is now. Relive all your favorite moments here with the PF crew.
  2. Cleon
    DBZ was teh pwnage lol.

    I have all of Dragonball, might slowly start to finish off my DBZ collection.

    So MissingNo. whats your favourite story arc out of the whole anime?
  3. MissingNo.
    While I hate the Android-Imperfect Cell sagas, I loved the fued between Super Sayains Vegeta and son Trunks. And when they trained together at Kami's, beautiful. But my favorite arc would have to be with Frieza. He just pwn'd everyone! Good times.
  4. Cleon
    Yeah the entire Namek saga was awesome, classic DBZ.

    From Dragonball i have to say the King Piccolo saga, the start was awesome ( krillin's death ) and the end was awesome ( goku pwning piccolo)
  5. chuckle490
    I started reading DBZ a few weeks ago and so far I'm on volume 15.So far my favorite saga would be the Freeza one.
  6. Typhoon77
    Anyone know what episode it is that Trunks goes back to the future and defeats the androids and Cell?
  7. Golem Crusher
    Golem Crusher
    I don't know..... I watch DBZ, but not all the episodes.
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