The Battle Addicts

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  1. Gamegeezer
    Yay! The first battle addict to join!
  2. Rayfox-Kun
    Hey ppls well not that many but still
  3. Gamegeezer
    I have to reclaim my die hard battler title, soon as i finish up school of course. ^_________^
  4. Shiny Lucario
    Shiny Lucario
    Well, I might as well join =D

    Hello everyone!
  5. pokemasterSD
    Not as i'm going to get that title first Gamegeezer!
  6. Rayfox-Kun
    Hey u guys if we have enough ppl we should have weekly battles to test each others pokemon like mini tournaments or just battles u can decide later
    thats what me and cisco do
    its really helpful helps with combinations and battle tactics and bunch of other stuff i cant think of right now
  7. Babael
    I guess I might as well join. I need some sparring partners.
  8. Shiny Lucario
    Shiny Lucario
    Wanna battle Babael?
  9. cisco
    Yay, I have not been ignored xD
    Anyone wanna battle anytime soon?
  10. Rayfox-Kun
    I'm up for a battle whenever just pm or write it here ok that way ill know right away and meet u in wifi
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