Mario Kart Wii

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  1. KitsuneGin
    Mario Kart Wii FC: 1161 0236 1857
    Shoot me and invite.
  2. joinred1127
    I just love these new social group features; they're awesome! Maybe once the group gets bigger we can all play a race together.
  3. Misa Misa
    Misa Misa
    Can I still join even if I share my wii with you?!
  4. KitsuneGin
    @ joinred1127: That's what I'm hoping.
    @ Misa: I guess... and it's MY Wii. :P
  5. DaJosh
    i'm on john's, i'll find his fc
  6. S Tailor
    S Tailor
    ME ME ME!!! I have mario kart wii but i need to find my fc
  7. Misa Misa
    Misa Misa
    I'm taking ppl on as we speak, do you guys think the game cube controller is better than the wheel?
  8. FatherGoblin
    Wii Mario Kart FC: Father 3909 7913 6300
  9. KitsuneGin
    Cool, FG, I added you, We're going out tonight, but I can catch you tomorrow.
  10. FatherGoblin
    Has anyone else played in the tournament yet?
    It runs through 5/9.
    Its the Mario Circuit course with two chain chomps running the course in reverse and twice as many Mushrooms.
    My time was just under 2 minutes; i might try a different kart/bike to get a better time.
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