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  1. Vott
    i can help some bigginers
  2. kelog
    im fine.i dont need help.
  3. firemaster
    Does anyone need help then? If so its best to PM me. Drop me a message just to chat too.
  4. Pikachupan
    I'm new, but can't post anywhere caus I haven't gotten an activation mail.
    At the moment I'm breeding "Toxic Totodiles".
    Any tips would be appreciated.
  5. meeker
    Hey, after my long term break from this group(you can tell by how many double posts i put up that took up most of the pages) i have mastered being able to use this site, so I can help
  6. Pikachupan
    My account still hasn't been activated. T.T
    I'll just wait. How do I reply to profile comments? People prolly think I'm rude or something =[
  7. Pikachupan
    Also can you guys give me your opinion on this
    The Poképimp. =O

    Toxic Totodile.
  8. joinred1127
    We don't think your rude Pikachupan. In order to reply to a profile comment, click on the "view conversation" button at the bottom of the post.
  9. Pikachupan
    I don't think I can reply until my accounts been activated, the only link on the page is "report".
  10. meeker
    same with the rest of us. And no one on this site is rude. There are such things as bad first impressions. like look at what i did, i double posted like a million times.
    Oh and awsome pics
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