Games on order

  1. HMTKSteve
    I have managed to purchase five copies of Sapphire off of eBay from an American seller. The carts should arrive in a week or so and that is why I changed the group name.
  2. pokemonpal7
    Yeah, I agree - that's probably better, because there's more ranges in price that way.
  3. TheNinjaPhoenix
    Sweet - I'd prefer Sapphire than Ruby to be honest. XD
  4. HMTKSteve
    The five copies arrived and none are legit. They all lack copyright notices on the circuit boards and give strange loading messages when starting up. I think they will still work for our purposes but I would not recommend connecting them to any Pokemon games you care about.
  5. TheNinjaPhoenix
    Alright - thats fair enough.
  6. HMTKSteve
    I have acquired one legit copy of Ruby. Going to try and get the battery replaced.
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