To those who may be active:

  1. j_g_
    Although my account currently sits dead under the WOTLK expansion, I'm looking forward to getting some core people who are floating in limbo with me to form a guild called Glory Days. I want 75+ raiders in this guild, running multiple raids any night of the week. Oh yeah. We're playing like Koreans baby. O_o On a serious note, My highest toons are an 80 hunter (lawlz), a 71 warrior (leveling as tank for raiding), a 63 priest (holy dps aww yeah), not to mention a moderate amount of others. So as I'm recruiting through FB and Twitter and other networking sites, we can start forming something serious as long as we don't keep our head up our own butts, I mean come on we play Pocket Monsters we're not going to be elitist jerks ;).

    Horde, Alliance, we'll have both on the same server. Glory Days is not prejudice, we hate everyone equally. So don't be afraid to join in! :D
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