Shiny Troubles

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  1. Cherkat
    Hi Taylor - thanks for the invite I have yet to chain a shiny but I did catch one, I think, in Emerald. It is a Beldum. So cute!
  2. Sorgatani
    Thank you for inviting me Taylor!

    My only advice for chaining sentret is to keep at it - they are hard to chain mainly because they take so long to show up.
  3. Taylor Rose
    Taylor Rose
    you guys are all welcome!
    and thankyou guys for joining my group.
  4. Sorgatani
    Did you invite Taterbud yet? She's fantastic at chaining
  5. Taylor Rose
    Taylor Rose
    also some peeople would like to join the group.

    should we only let in people who are masters and beginners.

    or should we just let in anybody who likes shinies?

    i cant decide can you all help me?
  6. Sorgatani
    Hmm... doesn't everybody like shinies? I think I'm somewhere in the middle of a master and a beginner but I'm happy to help people
  7. Kurt
    I've only chained one shiny, and it was on a chain of...get this...four. I was flippin' out! I wrote Bronzor on my brother's whiteboard to show him... It's still there.
  8. 10*dcr
    once i get a mewtwo from my firered i'm going to trade it with someone to get a shiny eletrike
  9. LovelyStrife
    Very cool.

    I tried chaining ditto yesterday, I got up to 13 before my chain broke. I fear that number, so it was salt in the wound...
  10. Sorgatani
    LC, don't look at your chain number. Don't even look at app #20 if you can avoid it ( I think it is easier to chain without it because it can increase stress and you look at the bottom screen instead of the top one where the chain is going on)

    I actually use my step counter more often than not, I keep track by counting PP. Pretty good for ditto... if you were up to 13 you'd have 27 PP remaining in False Swipe, so you'd barely notice the 13 come and go.
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