Shiny Troubles

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  1. LovelyStrife
    Chaining ditto has been less than productive for me. I've caught over 100 and my highest chain was to 38, but each time it seems to end for no reason. >.>
  2. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    Thanks for the invite taylor Anything shiny, and I'm in
  3. Taylor Rose
    Taylor Rose
    Well probulary most of you know that i just started chaining.
    But with a buch of tips from people here it really got me interested in it.
    So maybe starting this group will help some else start chaining and realize their ability.
  4. Taylor Rose
    Taylor Rose
    thankyou guys for joining. so happy.
  5. Taylor Rose
    Taylor Rose
    would anyone have any advice for chaining sentrent?
  6. Babael
    Thanks for the invite, I have yet to chain a shiny, I'm just a really lucky breeder.^^
  7. Kurt
    Thanks for the invite! I seriously need to work on chaining...
  8. Taylor Rose
    Taylor Rose
    your guys are welcome!
    p.s Babael you are a very lucky breeder.
  9. Taylor Rose
    Taylor Rose
    should more mebers join?
    if so you do you think should be invited?
  10. razorbeam
    thanks for the invite. I had been lucky in my pokemon games that i get to catch shinies even in the past. just too bad, i could not bring them over to the new games.
    with D/P, getting a shiny is actually have much better probability. there are days that you just can't get one no matter how many you've is so random.
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