Your hg ss team

  1. pokemon989
    What will your team be?!?!?!? Post it here!!
  2. pokemon989
    Mine will be
    Typhlosion-Flame Wheel-Flame thrower-Lava Plume-Eruption
    Ampharos-thunderbolt- Power Gem-Thunder Wave-Signal Beam
    Lugia-Aero Blast-Fly-Blizzard-Hydro Pump
    Heracross-Brick Break-Aerial Ace-Megahorn-Close Combat
    Red Gyarados-Ice Fang-Surf-Waterfall-Earth Quake
    Prymape-Cross Chop-Close Combat-Karate Chop-Thunder
    (note all pokemon are at least lvl 70)
  3. poke master
    poke master
    My team IS: (yes i have a jap copy)
    Typhlosion lvl. 71
    Feraligater lvl. 68
    Lugia lvl. 64
    ampharos lvl. 67
    Gyrados (not shiny, my red gyrados had very bad ivs) lvl. 66
    Meganium lvl. 70
  4. pokemon989
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