Boxing Day Special

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  1. Vasden2
    Time to Box it out Canada and the UK! (even if this day has nothing to do with the sport of boxing!)

    Thing You have the guts to take on These Challangers on the other side of the ring! As if, but I still welcome you to the boxing day specail. Its all about punching the other guys, so any pokemon that can learn a speed advantage punch attack is wellcome to enter. But wait, there's more, its a tag battle. (List of pokemon coming soon)

    What: Double Battle (2 pokemon per team), best out of 3
    When: Signups open; battels start december 16 and end January 6th.
    Rewards: Iron Fist Badges for to 4 and Tyrogue!
    How Much: 12 people Max
    Style: Best in group (You may pick your group during sign ups!)

    Group 1:
    1) Ryan493

    Group 2:
    1) Empoleon67
    2) Catcatcat

    Group 3:
    1) Vasden2
    2) Pikaluva13

    Helpers: Meeker
  2. pikaluva13
    I'll join group 3 ^<^
  3. Empoleon67
    I'll join group # 2
  4. meeker
    I'll join group 1...if that's all right? I know I probably won't be able to put up a fight, so apologies up front.
  5. Ryan493
    i'll join
  6. Vasden2
    Ryan I need to know what group.

    Here is the list of moves that are sped advantage punches: Sucker Punch ,match Punch, and Bullet Punch. I trust the participats to use legit mon, there are a lot that can learn these moves, so Its hard for me to make a list...

    I need a vouletneer to make one if you want to have one...
  7. Ryan493
    i'll join group 1. sorry, i didn't see that the first time...
  8. meeker
    I'll do it, but I might wind up dropping out in the process. Question though, does the attack need to include the word "Punch"?
  9. Vasden2
    Its just these 3 attacks: Sucker Punch, Match Punch, and Bullet Punch.

    So like I need a list of pokemon that can learn them (You can say like, beldum and family)
  10. meeker
    Does that include by tutor, or just natural punchers?
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